What Makes Dedicated Web Server Superior To Shared Web Server

Web host company provides two options that include dedicated server, and shared server space when leasing server. In this article, we will look at the benefits of a dedicated web server over a shared web server.

About Dedicated, and Shared web hosting service

The dedicated server is a single webserver dedicated to one customer. As the website gets maximum resources from the webserver, dedicated service offers the highest level of performance to its users.

In the case of shared web hosting, different websites share the same web server, so the webserver resources are distributed among them. THC Server is a leading place to buy cheap dedicated server 1gbps at affordable prices.

Fulfills business needs effectively

A dedicated server is seen to be superior to the shared server as it provides you the ability to install data applications. This facility gives complete control to users over server OS. It enables the customers to easily customize hardware and software setup to fulfill precise requirements.

Where the web host offers computer hardware, routing equipment and network connectivity with a dedicated server, the client has the complete authority to manage and maintain server software in whichever he likes.

Off Ample Space

Another important benefit of a dedicated server over a shared web server is that it is the best alternative for people who are in need of massive bandwidth and data space. Such servers provide enhanced control on the complete network.

One key benefit of this type of web server is that it enables the client to do the installation of the desired software solution with high-end administrative options, and flexibility.

Manage Firewalls

Dedicated servers also offer the capability to manage password access, and firewalls due to security objectives.


Though dedicated web hosting is a little expensive than the shared form of web hosting, the remarkable returns it provides makes it a worthy investment.

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