What are MX Graphics?

MX graphics is a short term for motocross graphics that are placed on the motorbikes. These add a power to your bikes and your bikes become special to you. If you are a professional, these represent your sponsors and work as an aftermarket add-ons for you. But if you are an amateur and love riding for fun, these graphics still are important for your bikes as they protect the plastic of your bikes keeping it secure and you can easily travel and enjoy long rides.

Kinds of MX Graphics

There is a big market of MX graphics with never-ending options for riders and it often becomes difficult for them to choose the right ones with a right size for their dirt bikes. Graphics kits are available in the markets with everything you need. However, there is a slight difference in the kits. Some of them available are as follows;

  • Full kit is extensive and includes the ones for several parts such as the radiator shrouds, air box portion, fork guard and tubes, front and rear fender and seat cover. Each MX graphics is with a universal background present for all parts included in the kit.
  • Radiator shroud kit is only for the radiators and usually has air box labels.
  • Trim kit is only for the front and rear fenders, but sometimes fork tubes, swing ram and air box are also added in trim kit.

MX Graphics is a Combination of Many Things!

They are made for the dirt bikes being artistically designed with the help of technology. Many companies are involved in this business and you can get designs that you think will be an effective combination for your dirt bike. Designing is a popular profession these days and the industry has emerged as one of the major ones. The visuals are supported by texts and you can personalize your bike in any way you want.


It is actually a kind of design that can be created on a distinct paper and then this design is transferred to a product or to another surface. A large variety of decals is present in the market for all those who are fond of decorating their bikes or want them to be shielded against dents or lines.


The material on which these are formed is durable and sturdy and cannot be worn out easily. They are available at a reasonable price in the market. However, you need to be vigilant enough to choose a decal that is of high quality and will fit on the body of your bike, especially the sides.

All flourishing motorbike companies have made their products attractive by the use of MX graphics which have no doubt played an important role in making this industry a big success.

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