The New Face Of IT, Get On Board Or Get Lost

The nine to five world that we all used to live is behind us. The internet has allowed us to work from anywhere, at any time. A huge advantage, it also has its back draws. There is no doubt that not having to commute or to be beholden to banker’s hours have given us the advantage to manage better our work and family time, but it has also changed the expectations that many businesses have over their employees. Expecting them to work on projects during non-traditional hours, it is becoming increasingly difficult to know where the line is drawn between company time and me time.

What it has also done is make it near impossible for IT professionals to not be on call at all hours of the day and night. There is no standard working time, which has them needed on the spot. That is putting a tremendous amount of stress on the IT world and creating a shortage for businesses who need expertise in an instant >>>> Read More

The good news is that mobility networks are replacing desktop devices. Mobile devices are the wave of the future and upping the productivity for many businesses around the globe. That is leaving many companies to want the same convenience with mobile apps for their business affairs that they have for their home use. Employees are finding that they want more “workplace” freedom to use apps and platforms of their choosing. Productivity tools abound, the technology exists for productivity to experience exponential growth in the next couple of years.

What does that mean for business owners?

If companies don’t upgrade their IT service desks to support the increase in the new digital age, they run the risk of working themselves out of the digital world. There are estimates that over 70 percent of S&P companies will find themselves out of a job by the year 2027, a scary prospect for many established companies. The message here is that if you don’t keep up you are likely not to recruit the talent needed to stay afloat over the next decade.

How can you embrace the new digital age for employees?

Use mobile apps and allow your employees to choose their own platforms. Allowing your new creative hires to work on their own will up your productivity and allow you to attract a new and creative force.

Automate your business by using self-service platforms that will reduce your staff’s workload. Improving their satisfaction and decreasing their stress load, that will help you to recruit and to hold onto the best in the field.

Use crowdsourcing to engage your entire workforce. Empowering your staff to find resolutions to problems by crowdsourcing is the best way to keep everyone in the loop and to work together productively.

The new face of IT is changing. As a business, you can either keep up or fall off; it is your choice. If you want to recruit the best workforce to keep you relative and to grow in an ever-changing field, you have to learn to adapt. For more information about how to keep up with changing trends consult Eyes Everywhere. An excellent IT service in Brampton Canada, they have the expertise to get you caught up and to maintain your competitive edge for the future.

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