The need for utilizing human experiences for designing purposes

The world is evolving at a rapid pace and the rise in the number of apps and electronic gadgets in today’s scenario is more than palpable. The efficiency of any product lies in its ability to arrest the attention of people. All kinds of products starting from the ones featured in stores to the ones showcased online have to be marketed successfully in order to gain a steady clientele. However, in the era of the Internet, the presented product also comes in the form of a website or allied type of online service.

There has been a massive growth in the cyber world, and there are plenty of entrepreneurs who are completely reliant on the Internet for the propagation of their services and products. Websites, social pages, blogs are well-known areas in the Internet zone which can be tapped for building and propelling a service in the online arena so that maximum people can come across that service or product. However, as the online world has evolved and more members are getting added daily space remains limitless, but the scope becomes delimited by the presence of excessive competition. Therefore, in order to propagate one’s business venture in the online market, the need for a succinct website is vital.

The developmental parameters involved in building a prospective online venture

When a business aims to garner huge popularity, then the website becomes the main area of focus. The profound usage of apps also urges potential entrepreneurs to think about the release of an online application that will enable the users to use the services provided by the app. Building a website for business purposes might seem relatively easy given the number of free tools and online templates present on the Internet, but if a service provider has to attain the objective of making the services popular worldwide, then there are a few aspects which are identified as areas of concern. These aspects are discussed below:

  • The primary aim of the service: The drafting of the purpose that will be fulfilled by the particular service should be done, and the website or app should be built around that aim.


  • A suitable substance that defines the service in the best possible manner: In any kind of online venture success is greatly determined by the engagement of the online users with the content so designing the content as per the service is highly important.


  • Keeping the product site updated and bug-free: When online products are prepared for the online visitors, then it should be kept in mind that updates are regularly included so that the service and product stand above the competition. It is also important to keep bugs and viruses at bay. If the website has bugs lodged in its system then once a user gets affected by that a negative feedback will be generated and that negative feedback will start snowballing rapidly and will affect the user base to a huge extent.

The chief factor involved in designing online sites and applications

The purpose of the design of any kind of online application is to create interest and capture attention. It is known that in this regard the public interaction aspect of the online application is of prime importance. If the online application is not suitably designed for enhancing the experience of the online visitor, then it is very much possible that the application will lose out in the completion that dominates the online area. Therefore user experience research is of vital significance when it comes to etching the design of the website or app.

Method of procuring data that deals with user experience

It is quite understandable that user experience is the most important priority of web designers. For any company that is featured online the task of the designing team that develops the online presence of the company is of great importance. There are certain avenues through which the experience of users can be acquired for building improved websites that are flawlessly designed in terms of enhancing user experience. A few of these avenues are given below:

  • Knowing the technical aspect: If the service involves some technical subject that needs to be known and understood, then it is best to gather information from an expert in this regard. Designers should consult with the experts that deal with that particular subject for gaining the necessary insight required for designing a suitable website. The engagement of individuals with the website will definitely depend upon the seamless integration of the technical and the emotional, and therefore the technical aspect should be understood well.


  • Acquiring feedback from present users: Many companies run preliminary websites for testing the market response before venturing into a completely designed site. In some cases, the present website needs refurbishment due to poor performance. Whatever be the case it is important to collect information from people who have utilized the services previously. An email followed by a phone call can be a good way to gather information. It is best to acquire feedback from less number of people because asking the same question to too many clients will only provide the designer with repetitive answers. It should be noted that the person providing the feedback shouldn’t be blatantly questioned. It should be done conversationally.


  • Attempting to gather feedback from users who are a part of the clientele of a competitive service provider: Gathering information about the experience of a product from known clients is not enough to build an enhanced version of the online application. The response of users that have been using a similar product or service from another notable online service provider is very important. This will enable the designer to compare the reviews of both sets of clients and find out the points of differences in the acquired opinions.

Designing a product in an emotive manner is the key to enhance the clientele as the innate emotion displayed by the overall designing is highly successful in turning the attention of the individuals positively.

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