iPhone 8 to feature dual SIM?

The iPhone 8 is going to mark the 10th Anniversary of Apple next year and with the advent of its 10th year, we are expecting some never seen changes this time. One of them is the dual SIM approach that we might see with the iPhone 8. As per the reports that have been up in the web, news afloat that we shall be able to use two video calls, and use two SIMs and two radios all at the same time. So this means that while you are on a call, you might as well receive a second call from the other SIM and be able to converse if needed. How exactly will Apple make this work is what remains the question.


If you wish to accept the other call, you can simply put the current one on hold, similar to what happens when you get a call on the same number. Also, they might as well include two SIMs, two antennas, a single transmitter, and at least two receivers. The features shall not be restricted to only the iPhones which are yet to come and this could as well be incorporated into waerables and MacBooks.

A dual SIM iPhone sounds pretty much of a right thing and with this new addition to the list of rumours, the others that continue to make their rounds includes that of an iris scanner, a dual sensor for the camera, OLED screens, and, full water proofing.

The iris scanner has been a much awaited feature and so is the case with full water proofing as well. We have been hoping that we get this feature since a long time, and with the iPhone 8 we are hoping that are prayers will be answered. Also, we can as well get wireless charging with the iPhone 8 which is again a feature we were hoping to get with the iPhone 7.

Having spoken of all the major features that the iPhone 8 will get for us, it is for now time to rather wait for the iPhone 7 which is all set to launch next month. iPhone 8 Camera Rumors Talking about the launch and release date, the iPhone 8 has a well more than a year ‘s time for its release and so until then, we’d sure here of various other features. The iPhone 8 is likely to be priced at 65,000 INR from what the current rumours say, while the iPhone 7 is going to be priced at 60,000 INR.

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