How to glue the users into your mobile app

In this digital world, the app development organizations are used to enhance the rate of the app downloads. The overall success and the achievement depend on the count the app gets downloaded. Along with the relevant technology evolution, things keep on changing. Hire affordable app developers so the app market is overloaded with the creative apps. Each and every a new app gets introduced and also the users are having a list of options to choose on.

What about an average app retention rate?

App Retention

Most of the founders think that there is no hype and the app does not give any chance and it is not literally true also. Both the organic and a steady thing is a better option.

About twenty percent are depending on the source and the entrepreneurs see the overall potentiality in the numbers. Generally, the retention rate is distinguished in the factors of the social media sites and in and around its inception.

What are the major steps to enhance user retention?

Initially, mapping of the habit loop is an important step. Then identify the core desired emotions, gather the feedback from the folks and then finally launch the app.

Facts to be known

A recent report exclaims that a user downloads different apps at a time in order to find which a better one is. Generally, about eighty-five percent of the users uninstall the app within three months after downloading it. On another side of the flip, the user retention plays an important role in the enhancement of the growth rate of the web development company. The organizations which are focusing on the former user retention grow faster in a reliable manner. Here, a list of tips is provided, just have a view on it.


Process the on-boarding a smoother one

Typically, a signup procedure can be an irritating one. Once an app is downloaded, the folks will be more eager to explore it and thus giving an uncomfortable experience; more likely to lose the user. The overall sign up process is an efficient one. At the same time you can also ask the users to sign up through the other social media sites and here the procedure asks for only relevant data.

Keep the data updated to the users

If you want the users to return to the app, then put some efforts. There are millions of apps in the market and it is really a great challenge to remain in the minds of the users. You can also choose the option of push notifications in order to inform the users about the updates of the latest apps. It is better to stop sending too much of notifications as it annoy the users.

Socialize with the users

Every one of us knows that Social Media is one of the best platforms in order to keep in touch with users. Initially, create a community and let everyone to know about the app. Giving replies to the comments should be done on the daily basis. Hence, automatically it creates brand loyalty. The most important thing is to interact with unhappy users and try to improve the app.

Update the app regularly

At sometimes, an app may be quite boring to the folks and this is the exact time where you can expect them to move on with some others app. No, doubt this can be handled in an efficient manner. Just you need to keep on updating the app on the regular basis. Introducing of the new features and engaging contents keeps on the users more curious and attentive about the next move. Refurbish the app in order to keep the customer attracted to the app.

Keep an eye for Push Notifications

The notifications encourage the folks always to re-engage with the app in an efficient manner. Then, what is the major difference between the effective notifications and the updates? It is one and only about the testing. First, go for a spit test, where one can deliver the daily notifications for a shorter period.

On the other side of the flip, try out for the different scenarios and also track the user’s reaction.  The reality is the app remains quiet for a longer period can be out of our memory so sometimes it can be deleted from the user’s device. In order to stay in the mind of the app users, one should concentrate more on the push notifications.

Day by day, the competition is increasing in the app market and at the same time, the app development companies need to create more and more innovative ideas in order to sustain the users. It is a great challenging task and the things become more efficient. Without any hesitations, you can follow the above tips in order to make your app a popular one.

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