How IOT services will affect marketing ?

Did the makers of the world wide web ever thought it will become what it’s today? Something that is apparently as necessary to our lives as food and oxygen? And, that is just for us, the internet has also become an essential line of interaction between machines, so it is sensible that finally the machines will have their own internet.

This is just what the Internet of Things or IoT is; a mobile, practical, instantaneous machine-to-machine connection made around cloud computing and network sensors that work untiringly to collect data. From mobile devices to washing machines, smart fridges to cars, it is predictable that by 2020 we will have around fifty billion internet-linked devices in the world.


So, what does the IOT mean for us marketers? An Economist Intelligence Unit international survey reports that senior marketers think companies who are slow to incorporate the IoT Solution and Services into their business will fall after the competition. As an international market foreseen to produce $14.4 trillion (£9.4 trillion) for the personal sector, you absolutely don’t want to be at the reverse side of the queue for this one.

Everyday aptitude

The IoT promises to make even the most everyday products intelligent. From cars, radiators, light bulbs, washing machines and fridges to agricultural machinery and transport, the Internet of Things will let these apparently mundane products to gather and broadcast information across networks.

As marketers, we trust on smart machines like computers and smartphones to offer data about our customers, but the IoT promises us a means of information from sources we have not at all dreamt of. From knowing what radio programmes your clients like, to what time they fix their morning alarm, we need to be all set to get this amount of detail but also, and maybe most significantly, we need to understand how to use this information to send more significant marketing campaigns.

Smart information

The IoT accompanies in a new model of marketing precision, with formerly unavailable information now at our fingertips. POS alerts, real-time communications, customer interaction data from both devices and products; the options are truly never-ending.

The data-driven rapport is going to be a thing of exquisiteness, with more connectivity leading to more information, leading to smarter information, leading to more appropriate campaigns, leading to more client engagement. Not only that, the IOT means the linked devices themselves can offer data to enhance the client experience too, so if a client attempts to buy an item through your online shop on their smartphone and something goes incorrect, an activated alert provides you with a chance to offer real-time help.

Theoretically speaking

Marketing campaigns will no more be based on vague theories of what your customers might want or require and will in its place be factual; based on known information, known behavior, known routines. This will save you precious time and money by ignoring unsuccessful campaigns and out of date advertising techniques, plus you will have a far firmer knowing of where best to reach customers.

Gone are the days of casting a broad net anticipating for a vicious circle. The Internet of Things will let you suspend that tasty, under attack bait openly over your customer. You will be sure to land the fish you wish for.

Interacting value

With this arrival of new, detailed information, we as marketers have to use it prudently and sensibly. We must seek to develop engagement that appends value, rather than using information to bombard customers with marketing offers that turn them off.

Bulk SMS solutions provide a huge interactive value to its clients. As it is one of the most affordable solution which makes great impact when used in conjunction with IOT.

As always, customer experience is of the utmost significance, and where the IoT will offer us an opportunity to reach customers on mobile phone in real-time, we have to make sure that we are interacting in a considerate and meaningful way, and not just sending emails for the sake of it.

No one is quite sure just how big the IoT is going to be, but we do know that it is going to make a faultless, unified multi-platform user experience like never before.

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