How Do I Setup Netgear Arlo Pro Camera System

If a user likes the idea of a security camera that’s supposed to be wireless in every way, Netgear’s Arlo Pro system is one that is best to consider. Below are the steps for Arlo base station setup and begin keeping tabs or iPhone on your home while you are away.

WiFi cameras have some issues—when compared to the wired cameras at least —but they offer easier installation and configuration certainly. On the other hand, the thing that separates the Arlo Pro from other WiFi cameras is its battery-powered, means that you don’t need to plug it into an electric wall outlet to stream and record videos. Well, most WiFi cams need to be connected to a power source, even though they connect via WiFi to send and receive data.

Arlo base station setup uses its own central hub to which all of your cameras connect for Arlo pro login. This is just because cameras use the Z-Wave to communicate wirelessly, rather than WiFi like most other consumer-based security cameras e.g. the Nest Cam. Just because of that, Arlo cameras need to be connected to the Base Station, which in turn communicates with your existing home networking system.

Step One: Download and then Set Up the Arlo App

  • To start off, download a free app i.e. the Arlo app to your smartphone.
  • Next, open it and tap on the “New to Arlo” button.
  • Now, on the next screen, select which Arlo product you are about to set up.
  • The app will guide you step by step to install Arlo Base Station hub. For this, you have to plug one end of the Ethernet cable into the Base Station and the other end into a free Ethernet port on your main wireless router. Once done, plug in the power cord, and then push the On-Off button next to the power connector on the back panel of the hub.
  • As soon as you have got the Base Station set up, push the continue button.
  • Wait for a couple of minutes for the hub to power up properly.
  • When the app searches for the hub on your network you have to choose the option timezone.
  • Select your time zone and hit the Save option and tap the back arrow as well.
  • Hit Continue to proceed and give the Base Station a unique name.
  • AT last, hit the Continue button.

Step Two: Create a Valid Netgear Account

  • Next, you will need to create a valid Netgear account. For this, you have to type your email address and after that, hit on continue button.
  • A name and password for your account for arloproaccount setup and agree to the terms and privacy policy. Once done, hit the next button.

For any queries and questions, visit https

Step Three: Sync the Arlo Cameras to Base Station

  • First of all, you have to sync your Arlo cameras to the Base Station properly.
  • During the syncing process, ensure that your cameras are within a couple of feet of the Base Station. Once done, hit on the continue button.
  • If the battery of your Arlo camera isn’t installed, press and hold the sync button for a few seconds.
  • After few minutes, press and hold the sync button on the camera and release it once the power LED light on the camera begins to flash.

As soon as the Base Station and camera are both in sync mode, they will connect to each other automatically. Once the camera and Base Station are connected with each other properly, hit the Continue until you get to the Sync Complete screen.

For further assistance, visit support.

Step Four: Update Base Station and the Camera Firmware as Well

Once you are done syncing all your smart cameras and hit on Finish. You will be now taken to the main screen of the Arlo app, where you will be told that the latest update is available. Here, you have to tap “Update Base Station” and wait for some time for the update process.

You have to apply the same process with the cameras as well after the Base Station updated successfully.

Step Five: Check Out Your New Security System
  • Once everything is updated successfully without any issue, tap the live button and see a live view of the Arlo camera.
  • Now, within the app, you can sound the alarm, record video manually, enable and disable audio capturing, snap a photo, and adjust the brightness of the camera as well.
  • You can manually arm and disarm the system also based on your location by selecting the Mode tab.
  • From there, you have to select the Arlo Base Station.
  • Now, on this screen, you can even arm or disarm the system that is really nothing more than turning the motion and audio detection on/ off.

You actually have to jump through a few hoops for Arlo camera login and to set it up as well—mostly because Arlo cameras connect to the Base Station instead of directly to WiFi—but the setup is sensibly straightforward. Once you have got things set up, the system works really well.

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