Design Ideas for Booklet Printing

It is a well-known fact in the world of business that booklets and brochures are important for marketing. They allow you to give information to your customers while enhancing your brand image and generating sales. If you have a mind to design a booklet by hiring a provider of online printing services in Canada like Rayacom, then you should understand that you have done half of the task. The next half is to look for creative design ideas for booklet printing that make your booklet stand out.

Need Inspiration? Worry not. Here we have mentioned top design ideas for booklet printing that would draw the eyes of the customers and tempt them to hire you at least once.

Choose the Type of Booklet You Want

The first step is to decide which kind of booklet do you want like whether you want to get a baby book design or a cookbook. The decision will depend on what sort of business you have. If your business relates to health, then you would be smart to realize that cookbooks are selling like hotcakes and create one. If your produce baby products, you can offer a baby book. Choose a booklet idea that’s useful and make customers want to keep it with them.

Use Colors

Using vibrant, rich and complementary colors is highly recommended while doing booklet printing as they help people to want to pick up that booklet that’s in front of them and go through every page. Make sure that you use different colors on every page as it will keep a person hooked and eager to turn the page.

Provide Unique Information

No one is interested in the boring facts about a company and its products or services. You need to make sure that your customers want to read the booklet. You can do that by providing unique information or content to the customers that they can’t find anywhere else. Make the information in the form of a story to keep the readers’ hooked.

Try 3D Popups

If you want to make sure that the customers like the booklet then you should ask the online printing provider to make use of latest inventions like 3D popups or die cut outs as they offer a surprise element that people can’t ignore. In fact, it is something that they would like to show off to their friends and family.

Don’t Go for the Standard Size or Shape

There is no hard and fast rule about what should be the size or shape of a booklet. So, you would be smart to avoid the standard rectangular shape and standard size options. Go wild with the shape and try triangular or circular booklets that don’t open like a magazine. Instead, they should look like a castle when opened up or look like a purse when folded.

The best thing about booklet printing is that you have the liberty to get inspiration from the internet too. So, look up some designs that make you want to pick up the booklet and tempt your customers to do the same.

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