9 Must Have Features in Real Estate App Development

Apps have become increasingly useful in today’s life. There are so many apps for satisfying so many needs. But, most probably, the most used apps would be related to food, travel, and shelter. No denials, literally. Coming to the shelter thing, people really sometimes find it extremely difficult what property they want to know, where to buy, the offers, the future of that area, the water facilities and much more! An idealized app would certainly help them find the correct party and place Real Estate App Development.

  1. Search Engine

The first and foremost thing, primary even about a real estate app is it’s a provision of this facility. When people open the app, many of them would not be having any idea of what to and where to look for. By making this search engine appear in the primary page of your app would help many and give ideas regarding what they want, where to look at and much more.

  1. Search Filters

By providing search engines, you would ease major trouble for your users, yes. But, there is trouble in that too. Searching for properties equally sums up to fishing in the wide and vast ocean with the hope of catching some fishes. Sounds really vague? I thought so! Here’s the catch, though. What you can do to solve this trouble too is by providing search filters. And yes, it does what exactly the name says.

In search filters, you can provide the specifics as to the amount that they’re ready to pay for the property, the infrastructure, the area and likewise. This filter would enable them to search for houses in those areas which spike up their interest.



  1. Notifications

Notifications regarding new projects, new houses would be a really great added advantage. People don’t often check apps if unnecessary and if it’s not some social media. During such times, things regarding the upcoming projects and ventures if notified would increase the number of people actually coming to know of it and probably even booking them in the first hand.

  1. Navigation Facilities

After going through the properties listed in your app people may like to visit it personally before planning anything. Many times, people tend to buy properties in new, new places which they don’t even know of. Hence, while traveling to such places would be a tedious job to them. If you build and provide a map navigation facility within your app then it would really come off as a great help to your users.

The maps should show the exact destination which they have typed in for along with details regarding the traffics on the way, the landmarks to know the place and an inbuilt voice processor for the purpose of giving live updates and directions. In short, your app must possess features like camera, microphone etc.

  1. Calling and Messaging

This is a very essential feature for such apps. If the users are willing to strike a deal with the property owners then they must be able to buy to contact them whenever they feel it necessary. The calling and messaging facility through the app may feel safer for both the parties as you may even provide the option of hiding one’s number.

  1. Targeted Audiences

The main facility of having this app is to get the attention of the targeted audience. The real estate owners work simultaneously with these apps and get the attention of lovely home seeking people and lure them in with attractive offers. Basically, it’s the virtual place where the buyer meets the seller and vice versa.

  1. 3D View

Such apps really provide a great user-friendly experience. The real estate app development in Chennai team not only provides facilities for the users such as geo-location, calling and messaging but, also, provides a 3-dimensional view of the property that they desire or intend to watch or buy.  The 3D view helps the buyers to see what they’re investing into just by the tap of their fingers. This amazing facility may seem rather seem simple, but, to be honest, it really is not!

3D games, films have always had a huge, crazy fandom ever since. Introducing them to this real estate property may seem measly even, but, it would attract even the users who don’t plan to buy a property.

3D facilities not only benefit the buyers but, it also helps the users at the beginning of their projects to visualize and have a virtual kind of blueprint.

  1. Monetary Benefits

Monetary resources play a major role in selling and buying activities! The key factor is that many customers may really not have the adequate amount required for buying the properties. During such times, it would be highly beneficial if you provide them with the facilities to apply for the loans. It’s actually an extra effort which you may or may not take up. But, do keep in mind that it’s a really impressive one.

  1. Currency Converter

Now, it’s really not like all your users are from the very same locality that you are from! So per se, the currency too changes from country to country. Keeping all these factors in mind, if you provide them with the facility of converting the value of the property to their country’s currency or any other in which they would be comfortable in, it would be highly beneficial! After all, what’s more, important than our customer’s happy smiles, eh?!

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