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Why we need Voice Biometrics? KBV Research

The Voice Biometrics Market is gaining prominence due to the necessity of evidence safety methods for technology-based systems and devices which prevents harming of critical data. In voice biometrics, the username and password it proves to be inadequate on account of the risk of being hacked and broken, biometrics identification is by far the best technology in fraud detection.

With the continued occurrence of identity theft and the consequent need for securely helping customer’s access information, “voice biometrics” has surfaced as the way to answer the ongoing challenges and secure customer data. Voice biometrics is used to provide a convenient method of authentication via “voiceprints”, or as part of a two-factor authentication process, combined with something the customer “knows” (such as a password or PIN) or “has” (like a cell phone with a caller ID, or a credit card). It helps in providing an extra layer of security for sensitive information and financial transactions.


Voice biometrics is a frequent utilization of voice recognition which is done through analysis of an individual’s speech, pitch, tone and voice. As terms of security, it has a great benefit over passwords, which means that passwords can be easily traced or taken over. Reason being, the voice of an individual is as distinctive as a fingerprint.

In this technology, a phrase spoken by a person is captured by a sophisticated system and is then compared with the previously stored voiceprint. All this happens simultaneously while a person is speaking. Identifying a person by voice is a complex task. This is because the voice is influenced by scores of factors, which can be physical or behavioural. The voiceprint is algorithmically derived and this algorithm generates a voiceprint making use of different calculations. The behavioural and physical characteristics provide a unique digital representation.


Voice biometrics validates a user on the basis of numerous vocal features such as hand geometry, harmonics, pitch and range, etc. Ideally, this certification practice is nearly invisible, but at the same time is extremely accurate. The further reasons which determine the need for these devices are:

  1. Security & Accuracy: 

Voice biometrics offers reliability, parody and perfect validation, thanks to technical developments in microphones and handling power both in mobile devices and servers. Spoofing and hacking protects the implementation to conflict replay attacks and reduce unauthorized access.

  1. Privacy: 

Server confirmation based engines gives control to services and the data storage by the service provider. In case of the consumer, again the confirmation technology inserted allows them to retain control over the biometric credentials, and also protecting the privacy by removing the necessity to allocate sensitive information to servers002E

  1. Cost: 

Voice biometrics is the most cost effective as this reduces the requirement of any hardware investment to be done by the user. To reduce the additional cost the microphones can be used in mobile phones, tablets or PCs.


  1. Face Recognition:

Face recognition is a kind of voice biometric application which majorly identifies or validates an individual on the basis of a digital image and then comparing and studying patterns generated. This type of biometric is used majorly in security systems. At present, the facial recognition system works in consideration with face prints and thus these systems can identify 80 nodal points on a human face.

  1. Iris Recognition:

Iris recognition is another important method used in identifying the individuals on the basis of patterns in the area of ring shape surrounding the pupil of an eye. Normally, the iris of an individual has a different pattern such as blue, brown, grey or green colour which can be checked or examined only upon close inspection.

  1. Fingerprint Recognition:

Fingerprint Recognition includes capturing a fingerprint image of human and further records the features like curves, spirals, and loops along with the outlines of ends, creases and details. In order to match the fingerprint, this can be achieved in three methods which is minutiae, ridge and correlation.


  • Increased Security and Reduction in Fraud:

The growth in number of attacks all over the industries has enlarged the need for solid and different verification. The voice biometrics technology is gaining ground as it is better from the security point of view. It is a technology that is convenient for people to use and is difficult to mimic. This kind of technology is widely used these days in phone banking due to its benefits which are loud and clear.

  • Reduces Costs:

On an average the companies are able to decrease the Average Handle Time by 30+ seconds on each call while using the voice biometrics for verification. This interprets not only an increase in efficiency in security process, but rapid increase in cost savings in association with the reduced time for agents who take time in spending with validating customers.

  • Improved Customer experience:

The most common advantage in using the voice biometric is that it actually holds the potential to meaningfully improve customer involvements. While using the voice biometrics, the callers need not to share passcodes or PINs or answers encounter questions just for verification of their individuality.


Voice Biometrics Market is gaining huge momentum in the global space due to its never-ending advantages. It is a technology, wherein the human ears has ability to distinguish different voices, though, voice biometrics go additional and can further differentiate the voices that are identical to individual ears. Voice biometrics takes several measures into attention to make out a voice print and recognize where it further deviates. There are so many enterprises all over the globe which controls voice biometrics to discourage eliminate fraud, unauthorized access, theft and protect their users.

With the use of remote identification the exact voice biometrics can be felt, with the successful voice biometrics authentication the user might not be able to notice that he or she has gone through voice verification. Furthermore, the Global Voice Biometrics Market size is expected to grow at a market growth of 22.7% CAGR during the forecast period.