Why Thumbnails with Play Buttons are better than Regular Thumbnails?

Regular Thumbnails
Regular Thumbnails

If you are a social media influencer, then it is pretty obvious that you always wanted to own your YouTube channel, right? YouTube has space for everyone starting from the beginners to the professional ones. The unique content shared on this platform made it the largest social media platform at one point in time. There was nothing which could surpass YouTube for a considerate period of time where hours of online videos were streamed daily by billions of active users present in different parts of the world.

YouTube has a variety of content so as to gain popularity on this platform is not an easy deal. You might become viral overnight or people may not bother to watch your content for months. The social media works in a different way where you can gain attention through paid promotions and collaborations but for the beginners, this also seems impossible. Majority of you will lack the finances for paid promotion and if you are not a popular face yet, then collaboration with eminent artists is a tough nut to crack.

The first thing which you should keep in mind while uploading a YouTube video is content. Make sure that your content is something different from the regular ones available on YouTube. Before uploading the video, question yourself as to why people should watch your video and not others’? If you find you have something interesting to place on the platter then go ahead and do so.

The next step which you should keep in mind after choosing the content is an appropriate title. Make sure that your title is not too long as, in this fast-paced world, everyone lacks time. So, the more concise you are, the better options you have of people clicking on your video. If you have a lot to say regarding your video or you need to put some extra details, use the description box for that. Add video tags on the video to get easy recognition and do not forget to put all your other social media handles so that your fans can interact with you on several social media platforms.

The third thing which is very important is the length of your video. How long do you want your content to be? Make sure that your content is not unnecessarily lengthy and boring. But in case you can’t trim the video and it is quite a lengthy one then how much internet data are you planning to spend on a daily basis? To make this process cost-effective, you can use YouTube to mp3 converter which will help you to convert the videos into mp3 files which consume less space and internet data. You can get this service online for free by searching Convert YouTube from mp3 on any search engine. If you want to download an HD quality YouTube video, then also you can use this tool.

Lastly, even if your video is in mp3 format or a lengthy one, don’t forget to upload an attractive thumbnail. Thumbnails create the first impression which compels people to click on your video. So, make sure the image is large and has better clarity for seeking the necessary attention!