Why South Korea’s Gaming Giants Are Storming Into Cryptocurrencies

When South Korea gave the Croatroscope wave a chance to become one of the world’s largest markets for et and bactakine, it was clear that Sank was here to live here. After the country’s leading companies and government stopped their investments, blocks the basic technology of technology technology, which promised to revolutionize everything in logistics process by dividing information.

The country’s tech and gaming leaders Nikon, Masli, Netmallall and NNN’s entertainment technology feature specialty technology, especially the new business model for their companies in one of the world’s world’s largest gaming markets. Demonstrated the hopes on the blocks to make. Navyon, $ 14.6 According to the Korean exchange, with the $ 10 billion market cap, the telecom company is behind the company SKT, is the largest company investment in cryptocurrencies in the country.

Kevin Hoo-Hon, professor of high school University, said “gaming companies want to tech for a simple purpose – to increase the income or income using game characters.” “Winner with the Korean gaming industry trading game equipment is managed with money, but using Blachenchick, they want to use Corpto to change the game items and then discuss the fast currency.”

Here’s how South Korean sports companies are trapped in Croaticrosia:

Netball Label

Ben Jones-Hank, chairman of the National Board of Directors of the National Fate Grand Order , announced that the company will look for block technology, which can be estimated to produce its cryptoperosis as “non-profit coins”. Neberbarbel, Hit title line 2 publisher and seven knights, tried to increase new business areas with blocks, artificial intelligence and virtual reality research and development as it rides explosives – last year 70 % Profit has reached.

Bing told the journalist that “relationship between sports and chryvorosis is very big”, indicating the possibilities of IOO, established by an international organization. “Instead of submitting investors through non-dependent scan, profits and rights associated with non-profit assets and corruption should be shared.”

While there is no clear explanation on the Nebrombrab’s block project, CroatiportCC has long been interested in becoming a legal alternative for sports currencies, which allows users to easily buy items and help transparency of transactions through bleach technology. Available.

Yel Mobile

Starting $ 4 billion in focus on consumers’ applications, Yello Mobile received a 75.4% share in 75 billion JM (US $ 70 million) mode in January, in which the increase in its presence in Croatococci Market for

Mode focuses on gaming and corrupt acceleration. In 2016, he got the local firm Patti Games, which is preparing ICO game games in overseas overseas.

Yel Mobile claimed that 52.05% of the Daily Final Group owns the country’s coin, which has the option to participate in one of the country’s biggest cryptorous exchanges.