What is a dumps track? Why some people are trying to buy dumps track?

It is rather difficult to imagine modern world without banks or credit cards. The notion “card dumps track” emerged right after the appearance of credit cards. The word “dump” means the information, kept on the magnetic strip of the credit card. This is a tool which helps hundreds of people all over the world make money online.screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-11-32-45-am

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—– You can look through several types of bases and choose the suitable one;
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Types of bases exist three different types of bases. The first type is Exclusive collection. It offers only the freshest dumps. They definitely have the best balances and the highest percentage of approval. Moreover, if these dumps appear to be nonrefundable, though you used them correctly – we will give your money back if you choose this type.

The second type is 50%_Exclusive_collection. This collection deals with dumps that were in the Exclusive Collection for a month, and then reduced their price for 50%. This type of collection is good enough, and more affordable. The third type is a Promotion Collection. In general, such dumps are two months old, they have not been sold out in an Exclusive collection and in Gold Collection and have a reduced percentage of approval, but they also have some vivid advantages, such as checking on Checker before buying and 100% refund of all ones, that have the bad code, except for 00. And the price matches quite low. This type of collection is suitable for wholesalers, for testing and for those buyers who just begin their career.

How Dumps Track with/without Pin works:

As it was mentioned, dump is the data which is kept on the tracks of the cvv strip. We are interested only in the Track 1 and 2 with/without Pin.

As a verified auto legit dumps track seller, we guarantee:
—– Best dumps track with Pin will be sent to you immediately after we receive your payment.
—– Before being sold all dumps are checked up on our checker by ask. Even if you happen to buy a bad dump, we promise to exchange it to live dumps for free. Remember, you must inform us within 72 hours since you receive Dumps Track. The replacement time takes 1-3 hours.

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