Why Have A Home Automation? A Future Technology that is bound to Change our lives


When you listen to the name “Home Automation”, you might easily think that such a thing is only feasible for people with advanced and spacious houses and lots of money in hands. But the thing that you don’t realize is that, as long as you have access to key components for home automation and some knowledge about computers and wiring, you can even automate your own existing home. Bud suddenly question arises, why should you think about automating your home and what profits will you and your family achieve from such a move?

Because of some silly and useless minds home automation is often considered as a lazy man’s paradise and you can’t blame even after looking its outlook. Because from turning on and off lights, controlling windows to monitoring your home without lifting a finger seems like something a lethargic person may want. Now we will let you know the reasons to have a home automation system, the technology that is bound to change lives of common people.

Security and Surveillance

This is the major reason to go for home automation because people are bearing huge losses from thefts or other things nowadays and this option can make them secure. Motion detectors, fire detectors and alarms, smart cameras, smart lightings are all part of security and surveillance. The cameras help in monitoring the home in your absence from smart phones. Motion detectors will detect anything suspicious in the home and is capable enough to alert you via SMS or can even raise alarms. Fire detectors are also of great help in any automated home. All these things if combines can easily change your lives and can make you invincible.

Comfort and Convenience

The home automation process makes our life very convenient as we don’t need to perform tasks manually now. From washing clothes, maintaining kitchen to cleanliness everything can be done remotely without taking any extra burden. With all these luxuries and convenience the life has become more comfortable than the days when everything was done manually. Therefore this technology has definitely bound to change the lives of many people.

Save Time and Money

We all know that today’s world is busier than the previous days.Everyday a common man runs here and there to perform various tasks and when he/she returns home they are hell tired of the busy schedule. Home automation system has made life easier as it helps in saving time because most of the things can now be done remotely. With the installation of energy saving devices the utility bills have also reduced which as result helps in saving money at the end of month. Smart lighting system and energy saving devices helps in doing such things in automated home.

Contribution to Economy

By using the necessary things while at home and saving the most important resources in your absence is the way to contribute to economy only. By some or the other way, the home automation system helps in contributing to the economy.

Keeps an eye on Children

Children are very much safe in the fully automated house and you can keep a tab on children everyday easily. Their exit and entry into the home at night or any other time can be easily ensured through the smart devices. You can keep an eye on their daily activities but don’t forget to give them privacy also.

Monitoring your House in your Absence

The Smart Home system performs this task very well. The surveillance cameras and various motion sensors installed in the house makes it easy to keep an eye on the daily happenings in the home. In case you are out of town, then also your property is very much safe and secured with the help of such smart devices installed in the home.

Final Verdict

These reasons are enough to describe the importance of home automation system in today’s world. The technology used in the automated home is definitely bound to change the lives of people. This is not the technology that is only adopted by the people with money and big houses, but it can also be afforded by middle class people as well.