Which are best – Analogue or Digital Phone Systems for Business?

Whether you are a new business or a thriving one you will need a phone system.  Although technological advances have altered the use of the phone; they have not yet changed the need for a good phone system.

The question you will have to decide is whether you should purchase an analogue system or digital phone systems for business.

To make your decision it is essential to understand what the difference is between these two systems:

The Analogue Phone System

This is the old fashioned, but still very effective approach to making phone calls. An analogue line consists of copper wire and is run into the building in the same way that phone lines have been for decades.  Because it is a dedicated line the quality is generally very good and you can access a variety of features.  These include voicemails, hold, redial and even speed dial.

Unfortunately, you need a separate phone line for each phone number you operate and the boxes controlling analogue lines are only able to split the line a few times.  You will be able to transfer calls between your internal extensions.  However, there is limited ability to expand.

In fact, any configuration change can prove to be costly as the units will need reprogramming by a specialist; it is not possible to do them online.

Digital Phone Systems for Business

The digital phone systems for business are designed to operate via the internet; although they can also offer the same features as the standard analogue line.  In effect, it offers the best of both worlds.

Digital phone systems for business can be easily expanded and are very flexible.  It is easy to reprogram them, add additional phones or even use a virtual attendant; which can be automated.

A digital system can benefit from far more flexibility than the analogue system.  It can be adapted to suit a variety of different functions and is even adjustable to make the most of any new features.

Factors to consider when deciding which is best

At first glance it would seem fairly obvious that the digital phone systems for business are superior to the analogue system.  However, cost must play a factor in the decision regarding the right phone system for small and even medium sized businesses.

Purchasing digital phone systems for business is a more expensive and complicated process than simply picking a few analogue phones and connecting them to the line.  It is now essential to connect every phone through the various software protocols to ensure it will be compatible with all the other phones on your network.

The analogue approach may be a better choice if you are a small business with limited funds and no huge growth plans.  If you have plans to grow and infiltrate a larger market it is likely that you will benefit from the digital phone system for business.

As a final point, it is worth noting that new technology is making it possible to use an analogue system and still connect to VOIP via a dedicated adaptor.  This may be the best way forward for the budget conscious investor.