What is the role of a Router for Computer Networks?


Routers are the miniature electronic device that can join various computer networks at the same time together via Ethernet cable to all the wired and wireless Internet connections. These devices also play an important role in meeting the needs of your WiFi network as well as the Netgear WiFi Range Extender Setup No configuration or installation of a device can be completed in absence of it. You are supposed to keep them connected with each other always. This is possible on when your both the devices haven’t crossed the range of 20 feet.

Netgear WiFi Range Extender Setup

How a Router Works

In an easy technical and scientific term, a router would be defined as a 3 layer network gateway gadget, which is capable of connecting more and more devices that operate a network layer of OSI model. The term OSI stands for Open Systems Interconnections that justify the reference of an accurate model for how an application communicates and deals over and with a network.

On the other hand, a router contains a CPU processor that comes with some kind of digital memory and also I/O (input and output) interfaces. They are used as multi-purpose special computers, which can never acquire keyboard or a display. A device (router) memory can store a fixed Operating System that is surrounded by a secure network. As compared to other universal purpose OS products like MAC, Apple or Microsoft Windows, its operating system can limit the status of what kind of application can run by them and need a pretty slighter amount of internal as well as external storage space.

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Do you know that routers can filter both the incoming as well as outgoing traffic that is completely based on the addresses of receivers and the senders? Note: The “it” we are referring to is the main wired or wireless router of yours, which is very helpful in maintaining the configuration information in a part of memory known as the Routing Table.

Routers for the Internet and the Business Networks

Before coming to the touch of home networking, routers could only be found merely in schools, colleges and in the field of businesses. Each device cost about thousand dollars and requires a special technical training to set it up, manage, control and repair. Such devices are the spinal cord of your Internet networking system and are known to be the most powerful one to spread their range all over. They also keep many terabits of the secure data that flow throughout and in between the entire ISP networks (Internet Service Provider).

Home Broadband Routers

The term Broadband refers to any home wired or wireless device that is being used to share a safe broadband Internet connection coming live. These have become the most essential part of daily life. It helps gather various computers and can also share the WiFi Internet Connection available on your home network. Mostly, home networking system uses Internet Protocol to join computers with each other to the safe and secure WiFi. Do you know the fact that earlier the home routers were supported by wires networking system that use to connect to other devices with an Ethernet cable. But today, routers are now wireless that supports both WiFi networking and Ethernet cable together. It may also interest you to know that many upcoming and latest technologies routers endow with the most essential home networking functions like:

  • Sharing of home network with multiple devices.
  • Fundamental security support with a secure home network firewall.
  • Aptitude of changing the default routers configuration from a web browser by typing IP address of the device into the field of address bar or by going to Netgear Genie Setup page by typing Mywifiext instead of the IP address (both the process are good and reliable).
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If you are receiving multiple features from your device, you have to give some little in return.

  • Never let dust to cover your device.
  • Do not let it overloaded and overheated from bulky and hefty files.
  • Always place it in an open a cool place.
  • Take care that it wires do not mess with others and its antennas are absolutely still in vertical position.


As you know that the routers are the least important element of your home networking system, what you need to do is to plug your device into an electrical socket that is completely shockproof. After that, connect it with your existing modem with the help of an Ethernet cable. For Netgear WiFi Extender Setup, connect your new device with the existing via Ethernet cable and place them both within the range of 15 feet. Once you have gone through this process, you will see that LED lights on your device start blinking. Note: You can’t bring any setup to an end in the absence of Live Internet signals coming from main router.