What Does a WhoIs Database Download Provide Web Professionals?

domain whois database for web professionals

The WhoIs is a public database where the contact details of all the owners of domain names registered in the world are assembled and stored. These databases
are published and updated by the extension’s registry and are publicly accessible for all to see. However, there are several restrictions put in place to prevent
abuse of the database.

Here are five benefits of the WhoIs database download for web professionals

1. Helps them identify malicious sites

With the help of the WhoIs database, web professionals can easily identify websites or those that have been involved in cases of cyber theft in the past. There
are certain factors that can raise a red flag about a website, which includes;

• A domain that is registered from a high-risk country
• In case the company address and the registrant are from different locations
• A domain with a fairly recent registration date
• A domain with a fairly close expiration date

When such red flags are realized, what follows is further investigation on the authenticity of the domain. This investigation is conducted by cybersecurity
professionals. The professionals then take further steps to stop any malicious cyber activities as well as identify other networks or sites associated with the
malicious site and shut them down if deemed necessary.

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2. Helps identify fraudulent entities

WhoIs can also aid web professionals to identify domain records for certain search items. Hence, a broad search may focus on a small data and all the
corresponding details availed. The professionals can make a query on any of the terms used in the WhoIs database like;

• Company name
• Individual’s name
• Phone number
• Address
• Email address
• Any other parameters covered by the WHoIs database

With the help of a WhoIs database, web professionals can keep a check on criminal activities on the web from a single point.

3. Helps identify different associates linked to a fraudulent activity

With the help of the WhoIs database download, web professionals can identify all the websites, IP addresses, and domains linked to a particular fraudulent
activity. There are different data combinations they can use to draw a link such as linking addresses to other fraudulent websites. Further steps may be taken
once these records are found to curb their activities.

4. Helps identify malicious domains with the help of a Domain Name System (DNS)

Timely DNS tracking is crucial to curbing cybercrime. The professionals can make a query on an IP address, and the search results will return with all the
domain records related to that particular IP. Once a fraudulent domain is found, the professionals can track its IP address and all the domains that rest on that IP
verified by the professionals before the appropriate action is taken.

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5. Help identify credit card theft

Web professionals can do a background check on the email used on a credit card while registering enabling them to flag malicious email addresses. Doing this
helps prevent huge losses by the companies issuing the credit cards. The well analyzed, consistent and precise WhoIs databases provide a great start for web
professionals to keep track and prevent cybercrimes.