The term “Web Designing” refers to the process of designing the front-end, i.e. client side, and designing website, which includes writing a mark-up. Web design sometimes overlaps with web engineering in broader scope for web development.

Web designing includes many skills in the development and maintenance of websites. In Jacksonville, key areas of the web design process include interface designing, authoring, web graphic designing, user experience designing and search engine optimization. Designers work in teams covering different features of the design process. 

Web designing involves a web developer and a web designer, who often work together on any website’s web design process in Jacksonville. The web designers are accountable for the visual aspects of a website, which include colors, layout and typography of a web page. 

Web designers in Jacksonville use different tools for the web design process, which depends on the area of production, where they are involved. These tools have been restructured over time by newer software and standards; however, the purpose behind them always remains the same. Web designers use raster and vector graphics editors for creating design prototypes or web-formatted imagery.

Skill set and Techniques Involved

The skills and techniques used for the web design process in Jacksonville include:

  • Marketing and communication design: Itidentifies what fits for the target market. It states thata designer must understand the trends in the audience.

  • Interactive design and user experience design:User understanding of content of a website depends on user understanding of how the website works. User experience is associated to clear instructions, layout and labelling on a website.

  • Page layout:User interface design is affected by the quality and structure of the page layout.

  • Typography:Web designers can choose to limit the variety of typefaces for websites to only a few that are of a similar style.

  • Motion graphics:The user interface and page layout may be affected by using motion graphics. The choice of using or not using motion graphics depends on the target market for the particular website.

  • Quality of code:Website designers consider it to be good practice to follow the standards. This is typically done via a description that specifies what an element is doing.

  • Generated content:There are two ways websites are generated: statically or dynamically.

  • Static websites: Keeps a unique file for all pages of a static website.

  • Dynamic websites: Are produced on the go and use server-side technology to create webpages.