Track the cell phone of your kids without them knowing

The parents with most stubborn kids know the amount of annoyance and distress that they encounter each and every day.

It is a dangerous world out there for your kids. Every step should be taken with care. But alas! Who will make it clear to our reckless kids?

And also with your busy schedule it is very difficult to spy on them, but still, you want to keep track of their every movement.

Fright not! My anxious group of parents. Technology has become enough advanced to provide you with the best solutions for tracking phone.

How to track a cell phone location without them knowing?

Here I will give you 3 top phone tracking apps that will help you in your mission and your kids will have no idea that they have been tracked.

  • mSpy:

mSpy is the top most cell phone tracker app which has millions of user base. This app is specially designed for paranoid mothers who are always anxious about their kids.

With this app, you can easily monitor the outgoing and incoming calls, messages, contact list, GPS location, etc. The simplicity of the app makes it the best companion for parents who are not so familiar with using a phone tracking device.

This tracking device can also track their online activities and social media messages. Certainly, this reliable app will help you in every possible way.

  • Spy Bubble:

This software provides you with a wide range of surveillance tools to monitor each step of your kids.

Other than giving you the incoming and outgoing call information the app can capture live calls or record calls from your kid’s phone. So you will be assured always that what is cooking in their lives.

Another interesting feature of SpyBubble is that you can make a special call to your kid’s phone and record the sounds of the surroundings. This will help you in understanding that where exactly your kid is right now.

You can also enable the feature of live video or photo. You can remotely order the phone to capture a photo or video of the place. Apart from calls, it will forward you all the messages that your kid is having with a stranger.

  • Mobicip:

This is one of the greatest parental control provider app which monitors the internet and app usages in the phone.

You can review that what apps are used and downloaded in the mobile instantly.Needless to say, the browsing history will be at your fingertips also the received and sent email can be monitored.

You can set the limits of the internet usage, and whenever the user turn on the internet you will get the notification. You can allow or block domains or the websites and blacklist specific words or phrases.

These 3 apps are the best in the market. You can try them out and choose that suits your needs the best.