Top Considerations While Buying Used Iphone 6

Gone are the days when we had to contact the telephone exchanges for booking calls to talk to other people. Introduction of mobile phones and the iphone in particular has made the things quite easy. You can talk to your near and dear ones at any time and from any place with these modern devices. Undoubtedly, iphone is a costly item. That’s why a large section of the society prefers buying second hand iphone 6.

Buying anything is good but when you buy a used piece and specifically iphone 6 then do exercise extra caution. Do consider the following:

  • IMEI Number – Many unscrupulous guys are always on the hunt to befool others. They may replace the body of the used iPhone that they want to get rid of. The piece might have been submerged in water or have fallen with a hard stroke resulting in great damage. The internals of the said piece could tell a different story despite that the external looks may be quite impressive and shiny. It is better to check the IMEI number of the phone on its back that must be compared with the one in the OS. Swipe down to IMEI by going to the Settings -> General -> About that is an easy task.  Iphone with changed bodies can be purchased at cheaper rates. Beware if the IMEI has been blocked. This can be checked with the help of Swappa that is useful in knowing the device’s IMEI number against the global blacklist. Type the said number by going to the site and wait for some time to see the results.
  • Activation Lock – Many thieves may also be operating in the market that is flooded with stolen second hand iphone 6. Better go to Settings -> iCloud and turn off Find my iPhone to check the authenticity of the phone. Go to Apple’s online Activation Lock tool and type the IMEI number for knowing if the device has enabled Find my iPhone or not. Do avoid buying the stolen piece at any cost.
  • Erasing the data – Be wise to first unlink the previous owners Apple ID from Settings -> iCloud before you bring home the second hand iphone 6. Go to General -> Reset -> Erase All Content and Settings for removing everything related to the previous owner.
  • Warranty – Type in the serial number of your device by going to the relevant page. If you are able to strike the next page it shows that the iPhone being purchased by you is genuine and has not been reported stolen or it is not any replacement model. The serial number of the device can be found from Settings -> General -> About on your iPhone or from its back. You will come to know about the purchase date of the device and whether the device is still within the warranty period.

The above simple tips can be helpful for preventing any fraud or other mischief with purchase of used iPhone.