TOP 5 smartphones that sound good


Due to the fact that the quality of smartphone cameras has increased significantly, people no longer want to buy point and shoot cameras. Take the latest Samsung phone for instance with its camera capable of shooting 4K video. However, smart phones are ready to oust other devices such as MP3-players as well. Yes, not all mobile devices are really good at playing music, however, there are some that can easily overtake digital audio players. It is about them that we are going to talk today. Buckle up!


Highscreen Boost 3

From the very moment of its appearance on the market, the killing feature of the Highscreen Boost series was the fact that the device was equipped with two batteries: one for everyday use and the other one for travel. However, Highscreen Boost 3 has another feature, which is the enhanced sound quality. The Highscreen engineers have developed an ingenious system called Hi Sound – a hardware and software system consisting of digital-to-analog converter (DAC), a power amplifier and Muz_On applications. The DAC is often used in high-end amplifiers and portable MP3-players, whereas the Muz_On player allows to bypass the Android audio subsystem and transfer a digital stream to a digital-to-analog converter. We can say that the device combines two things in one package: a full-fledged music player and a smartphone.

HTC One E9 Plus

HTC One E9 Plus is a multimedia phablet with a 5.5-inch screen featuring a resolution of 2450 x 1440 pixels, and it would be strange if such a smartphone did not please its owner with some good sound. In order to make the smartphone sound really good, there were some experts involved from the famous company Dolby. What’s more, HTC has added its own HTC BoomSound, which really improves the quality of music playback. What is nice is that during music playback, you can hear not only high and medium frequencies, but low ones as well.

In addition, the sound quality on HTC One E9 Plus will appeal not only to those who are used to listening to music in headphones. The front stereo speakers also provide a powerful, deep and rich sound that can turn your place into a disco. The built-in player does not have too many options, but it is able to load lyrics, album covers and artists’ photos.

Sony Xperia Z5

Sony products have long been famous for their high quality sound, and the flagship Sony Xperia Z5 is no exception. It has the digital noise canceling technology that can, according to developers, reduce external noise by 98%, so that the device owner can fully immerse in their favorite music. The smartphone is capable of playing high-definition audio, so you can hear music the way it was conceived by its authors and performers. Even if the original file is not so good in terms of quality, both the DSEE HX technology and the ClearAudio the function of which is to balance the frequencies and create the perfect sound will kick in and you will be good.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best sounding smartphones on the market. As for the prices, they are available on the official sites of the mentioned phones, however, you might want to the used phone prices as well.


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