Top 5 Parameters for an SEO-Friendly Web Host

Do you know that the process of search engine optimization starts even before the website is made available to the targeted audience? As a matter of fact, the choice of a domain name can have serious implications on SEO activities.

When it comes to SEO, most individuals think about keyword research, content marketing, meta-tags, etc. But, it’s more than that. So, today, we will discuss the most important aspects that must be considered while choosing a hosting company for sites, focused on SEO.

How web hosting affects SEO?

We all know that Search engines evaluate all websites based on a number of ranking factors to identify four main things and display the most relevant results to visitors. The robots of Search Engines try to:

  • Verify the reliability and relevance of websites or web pages,
  • To avoid duplicate pages,
  • To avoid multiple results from the same provider and
  • To eliminate the unreliable results.
  1. The Latest Version of PHP

The website loading speed is the most important parameter used in the modern web development projects. Now, as per Google’s instructions, all websites must load fast on all devices they intend to find a respectable place in its SERP. So, you can’t underestimate its importance. In today’s time, websites should be loaded on devices instantly.

Website visitors, especially the mobile audience, don’t wait for long for slow loading websites. So, SEO professionals have to impress visitors in milliseconds. Search engines have started to use speed as one of the most important factors to rank websites.

Furthermore, search engines use excellent downloading speed as a guarantee of high-quality technical implementation and optimization of websites. Always keep in mind that the latest version of PHP is optimized for speed. So, the downloading speed of your website is increased by 2 or 3 times. There are many websites that are not adapted to work with the latest version of PHP, you might be a loser in the web-based business competition. So, check your website for errors and emilite them as soon as possible.

2. UTF-8 Encoding

UTF-8 easily eliminates the possibility of incorrect display of texts. It is a standard for encoding usage for almost all websites. So, its use is highly recommended. Many website errors that are caused by inappropriate coding or the encoding failures. Be careful about it as far as possible and choose a good web hosting for your website.

3. Geotargeting and The Location of Hosting Provider

In some cases, the location of the data center of the hosting provider plays a role for geographical requests. It’s a vivid reality that website owners don’t ask hosting companies about their actual geolocation. So, did you ever think how search engine determine geotargeting in this case?

How to find the exact location of websites? In fact, search engines have a better understanding of this. They can easily know where the web hosting of the site is located and provide more relevant delivery results to visitors based on their specific locations. For example- A website, which is hosted in Australia is likely to be more interesting to Australians rather than the people living in England. So, you must know the location of your hosting provider.

4. The SSL Certificate

In August 2014, Google announced the use of a secure SSL connection as an important factor for ranking websites. Many tests showed a positive effect of using SSL certificates on websites. Generally, it is believed that websites with the HTTPS protocol have a more visibility on the WWW rather than a Non-HTTPS website. So, always choose your hosting providing keeping this point in mind.

5. The Hosting Settings Should Match the CMS Requirements

You must always keep in mind that some control systems have a certain set of requirements for the settings of hosting parameters. Furthermore, most hosting service providers have specialized tariffs targeted at a specific CMS with similar requests. So, the discrepancy between hosting and CMS requirements cause a disturbance in website operation and slower downloads. Therefore, you must you read the requirements of the management system and choose a hosting server accordingly.

SEO Company plays a significant role towards the success of websites. While choosing a good hosting service for your website, keep the above things in mind to make a smart selection. It will make your website SEO friendly, benefiting you in digital marketing campaigns.


Author Bio: Morris Edwards is an web developer & Marketing expert, employed with Awebstar Technologies Pte Ltd– which offers the affordable SEO Services in Singapore. He helps in designing web pages for all type of business websites. He is always grinding away on something web design related.  Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus to get his new articles and updates instantly.