Top 5 most influential games ever

influential games

Snake – the very first game on the mobile phones

Snake is hailed as the most popular game in history. It was first launched on the Nokia 6610 in 1997 and soon became the phenomenon. The game’s interface is very basic and simple with just black and white color. It is also very easy to control the snake on the physical keyboard of Nokia phones.

The game basically includes some levels. You can play in traditional way without time limit, or you can set time to achieve the goal. People played it almost every time and everywhere. At that time, Snake seemed to be the king of mobile phone games.

influential games

Angry birds – The colorful and frantic birds

Angry birds is the next nominee in this list. It was originally launched in December 2009 on Apple’s iOS platform. In contrast to Snake, the game is built in a highly comical style with colorful and vivid interface. Not only in smartphones, the game could be played in PC and other consoles. Because of its simply manual actions along with thrilling feeling it brought to players. In January 2014, Angry Birds titles have surpassed three billion downloads across all of the platforms where it launched read more .