Top 5 HP Laptops for Business People

If you are a business person being able to open up your laptop and get straight to work is a major necessity. You won’t have time for a long boot up process, nor will you have time for a computer with a slow processor. Many business people will also need to grab and go with their laptops for meetings or trips, so they will need something properly portable. If you want to know the top five HP laptops that are great for those who do business, here is a list. Most of these are affordable and will not require you to take out a loan from

HP Probook 355

When it comes to laptops from HP, you can’t go wrong with a probook. One of the best things about the laptop is the long battery life. This makes it easy to take along with you all day without having to find a plug during meetings or on the go. The Probook also comes with a fingerprint option, which will allow you to keep your computer secure in the event that it is lost or stolen.

HP Elitebook 850

If you need a laptop that is loaded with features, one of the best to go with the is HP Elitebook. The Elitebook 850 comes with as many customization options as you want. With everything from a touch screen, to a roller ball mouse situated in the center of the keyboard, you can pack this laptop with any feature that you want. The Elitebook is also slim enough to carry around in a backpack or professional work case during your travel or meetings.

HP Envy

One of the favored laptops of the entire HP brand is the HP Envy. This laptop is a favorite for many reasons. The HP Envy is over 17 inches, which makes it easy to view for creating or presenting power points and other presentations. The hard drive on this machine is also huge, with 1 terabyte of space. This will allow you to save as much work and data as you need without slowing down the machine or needing to use a flash drive.

HP x360 Convertible 310 PC

Convertible laptops are some of the most popular for a number of reasons. They can be turned into a tablet when you want to hold something small, then converted back to a laptop to use the full keyboard. This is also an energy star appliance, which will keep the bills lower at home and in the office.

HP MT41 Mobile Client

If you need to a virtual work environment, the MT41 is the laptop to use. The laptop offers 4G LTE connectivity, making the large machine as fast as smart phones. This laptop also offers remote access not a number of cloud based clients, which means that you can keep all files on hand without having them directly downloaded to your laptop. This leaves space for you to use as you please.