The Yoga Book 2 is the latest Lenovo PC with no Physical Keyboard

Two years ago, Lenovo was running a big boy by releasing a laptop, which we did not look like average laptops in the years. Shortly described: Yoga, whose name is Yoga Book, is a screen portable convertable laptop with dual-screen (yes, dual screen). Hack, it also started in dual operating system options (Windows or Android). The yoga book was a ‘hello keyboard’ in which Lenovo [probably] thought that it was enough to seduce the physical keyboard. But it did not really cut enough lush.

In 2017, Lenovo tried to release Yug book as a sequel, Lenovo Yoga A12 (as a tablet in Android 2), and tried to try things again with the hallboard again. But then, this does not meet the expectations; Although the company claimed that the reception was good enough to upgrade it.

It is 2018 and the Lewis Yoga Book series is back with another keyless dual-screen conversion convert laptops. The Lenovo Yoga Book 2 design, form factor, performance, and a better keyless laptop is used in the aspect. But is your laptop suitable for dumping with physical / mechanical keys?

According to the design and factor, Lenovo Yoga Book 2 has retained the very slim format of the first yoga book. Similarly, lightweight; they make car friendly for passengers or users who love to go. Modern dual-screen design – A combination that has joined 360 ° rotation – still stands.

As it is with most skinny box boxes, it is almost always a struggle to feed open openings if there is no cutout available for the purpose. So the Lenovo Yoga Book 2 comes with an open-to-use feature: On the top of the lid, mobilize accelerometer to automatically open some openings and open some magnets. It seems that although the new Lenovo PC is coming with this feature; Lenovo Yoga C930 also has a premium knock-up to 2-in-1 pc.

Yoga Book 2 comes with two display panels: The original display is 25.8x 16: 9 LCD screen with 2560 x 1600 pixels, 400 nights britain level, and anti-shine coating resolution. The second panel is the keyboard / drawing panel; the same as the actual screen is 10.8 inches but with less 1080p resolution, and embedded a fingerprint reader.

Yoga book has only two USB ports. Ports are USB-C types and is dedicated to charging a PC. Sim sim tray and speaker girls (with Dolby Sauce integration) are in all parts of the PC.
Lenovo previously eliminated the physical paper integration used on the Yoga book and made its keyboard panel appear in EE ink, where users can drag, write and paint Yoga books directly with the pen. Stylus Pen comes out of the box with Yoga Book 2 but Lenovo did not make any project for styles or magnetically connected to laptops (or magic).

Power of Yoga Book 2 4GB is Intel Core I5 ​​processor with 256GB BSD storage built-in. There are also i3 different versions available. All versions of Yoga Book 2 come out of the windows running running the Windows 10 OS, in contrast to the first yoga book that came in the variations of the Android and Windows OS variables. Battery has been running for yoga books for a long time because Lenovo says it can be up to 13 hours on the in-display and up to 10 hours on the original LCD screen.

The Lenovo Yoga Book can be 2 decent and portable days as a fast driver. But if you have not already used the Yoga Book or Yoga A12 (or Lenovo A12), a cable keyboard may probably require a group of time to use. However, they do not deny that Lenovo brought this game through Yoga Book 2 new features such as Dock to Open, USB C Ports, E-Ink Board Panel, Display, Processor and Battery Capacity.