Sun. Aug 18th, 2019

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The HP Spectre Folio is a leather-clad laptop that’s luxurious

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The HP Spectre Folio is a sexual experience. Having an incredible thin laptop completely covered with the grain shell shell, HP has made a PC whose eyes, feelings, and bob classic, prohibited things such as bombs jacket, handbag, or leather football or Will create by baseball. You will find yourself in the same way as the Spectator Folio, and then fight it, as it was wrong to react to a computer, even if it is one of the first super-effective amber lake laptops. Have seen

During my sticky peak in the speaker’s folio, I struggled before the announcement of Dushanbe’s morning in New York City. I did not take my hand away from it, and it seemed very good on my lap. Yet, it seems that HP broke some rules. Although continuing reading, however, you will see that the speaker’s folio is an interesting interesting PC, and possibly a potentially negative objection. It is the best order starting from October 1 and available for pre-orders on HP, with an initial price of $ 1,300. See below for details on prices, springs, and features.

About the full grain leather shell
Many laptops have played leather panels or two games in many years, but the HP Spectator Folio is the first to be the largest shell full leather. Leather edges are tied around, ready for handmade. Handles the hand stitch in the middle of the lid.

Josefen Tan, head of the user notebook for the HP, said he is looking for a completely different material from metal, plastic or carbon fibers. Tan said, “It’s hot in leather touch and looks good.” He added, “You do not feel much heat transfer with metal.”

It was not easy because it was definitely not selected. “Leather does not give us the opportunity to cut too much holes,” Tan said. “Otherwise you destroy the look.” The fancy design helps, as is created by loose leather with an important display of air display. This sinful spectator also increases the organic look and feel of the folio.

For durability, you can also take other leather products, take the speaker’s folio. Chrome tanning process makes leather stains and water-resistant: “Take care of your handbag as to take care of it,” suggested I-Lan, director of the new product introduction for HP for HP. This means that, the speaker’s folio is not the best “resistant” for things of leather, such as deep scratches and random pen marks. A drop may be interesting.

At the same time, it also recognizes that for some people, the leather aspect crosses the PC one line. Unlike other traditional materials for metal, plastic and tech devices, leather comes from dead cow. A wagon companion told me, “I hate the speaker Folio.” All of these materials have some environmental effects. Apart from being a biodiversity, the leather does not protect us from it.

Spectrum Folio features, icons, and pricing
The Spectrum Folio will begin with three SKUs: a perfect purchase, available from an HP, and after a third come in the year, with some new options. Most features will be common for all speaker-folio SKUs:

Shell: Full grain leather, initially in the sink brake. According to HP, the second color in the end of December, Bordeaux Burgundy, will be available.

Display: 13.3 inch Full HD (1920×1080) IPS WLED Backlit Touch Screen with Color Gorilla Glasses 4. Maximum brightness is a very good 400-point. HP says 4K UHD panel option will be available later this year.

Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 615 (integrated)

Memory: 8GB LPD RD 3866 SDam

Storage: 256GB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD