The Benefits of Having Dual Monitors

The Benefits of Having Dual Monitors

In the past, if we wanted to inquire about someone’s desktop setup, we would usually ask about their PC’s specifications, the keyboard and mouse they are using as well as their monitor. The latter one would usually consist of asking about the brand (Samsung, Philips, Dell, etc.), size and whether it’s full HD, HD ready or a regular one. Today, however, one of the elementary monitor-related questions is also how many of them the person in question has. The reason behind this is a fact that more and more people each day begin to realize the advantages of having more than one monitor. Here are some of them.

Academic purposes

One of the first things that comes to mind when speaking about dual monitors is closely related to academic purposes. This way, you can open all of your references on the right screen, while writing your own piece on the left one. While it is true that this saves you only a few seconds each time you would normally have to ‘Alt+Tab’, when you think about how often you have to do this, it seems to be quite time-saving. Additionally, this way there is no fear of you forgetting about something mid writing since you can just turn to the other screen and get an instant reminder.


Coders, in particular, love dual screens mostly because they tend to boost one’s productivity. They sometimes tend to place two widescreen monitors sideways and, in this way, get to see more than 140 lines of code at once. Still, for some of them, even two monitors may not be enough. Seeing how programming is a process that requires multi-tasking (at the same time you need an API document, terminal for monitoring log and other things), the more monitors one has the better.

Video games

A person playing modern RPGs often has to rely on walkthroughs at least at some point in the game. There is always that one quest you can’t figure out, one boss you can’t slay on your own or that single piece of armor set you can’t seem to find. People with two monitors can simply display the map, YouTube tutorial or the abovementioned walkthrough on the second screen while playing the game on the main one.

Furthermore, people playing online games like MMORPGs or MOBAs, can’t pause during the game, so if someone sends them something important on, let’s say Skype, they can see it immediately. Generally speaking, dual monitors simply improve the overall quality of one’s gaming experience. Nonetheless, monitors fit for gaming can be quite expensive (even buying just one can cost a small fortune). Especially since getting an Intel processor and a quality GPU such as NVidia GTX 1050 Ti (or better) should be your first priority.

Epic dual screen wallpapers

Finally, while all the above mentioned were mostly concerning practical benefits of having two monitors, here is one purely aesthetic – dual screen wallpapers. You see, some wallpapers were specifically designed to be displayed on a dual screen. Some of them, feature scenes from famous movies like Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy, where the protagonists are on one of the screens facing the antagonists on the other. Some, are an homage to an iconic video game Pac-Man with Pac-Man on one monitor eating his way towards the four ghosts (Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde) on the other. Finally, there are those showing this or that natural phenomenon or beautiful landscapes. Needless to say, all of these look best when portrayed on monitors that are of the same size.


Another awesome thing about having dual monitors is that this is not something you can’t live without, which makes having them feel like a real luxury. Furthermore, as you could see above, there is not a single downside to having two monitors. If, for whatever reason, you feel distracted by what’s happening on your second screen, you can just turn it off and proceed with what you were doing.