SIM Card Unlock Code Generator

Is your cell phone currently locked to one particular network operator? Are you limited into using only the SIM card from one network? In case you are not satisfied with the way things are at the moment and you think it is time to make a change, then nothing would be better than to unlock your phone with the newest Unlock Code generator tool.

We offer you one of the best methods for cell phone unlocks, regardless of the carrier to which the device is currently tethered to. The SIM card lock is really annoying issue that has been making problems to many people. Not knowing what they get themselves into, many people sign long term contracts with the major network providers only to later find out, that they did not get the better part of the bargain.

Official SIM card Unlock method

But do not despair. All is not lost. There are several possibilities which can get you out of the mess which your long term contract has gotten you.

There is a new software which can generate SIM card unlock codes to remove the restrictions from any mobile phone.

And the best part about the entire thing is that you will not have to pay a single dime. Yes, this software is available as freeware, and anybody can use it. You only need to download it via our official website service links.

The best Unlock method for your mobile phone

So what are the requirements to remove the SIM card lock on your mobile phone? What should you do? Do not worry, the answer is simple. Just find the IMEI code of your mobile phone by dialing the number *#06# and you are set to go.

Unlock Instructions

  • Install the SIM Card Code generator program on your PC
  • Connect your mobile phone and computer
  • Open the SIM Card Unlock generator program
  • Choose your country from the provided list
  • Select the current carrier to which your mobile phone is tied to
  • In the IMEI code field, enter the code of your cell phone
  • Add a valid email address
  • Press the button “ Generate”

The unlock code generator process will take several minutes. Once it is created it will be sent to the email address you have provided. Afterwards, just turn of your device, remove the old SIM card, add a new one, turn it ON again and enter the unlock code you have just received. It should work perfectly fine.