Samsung’s stylish Notebook 9 Pro adds Intel’s Whiskey Lake CPU and Thunderbolt ports

Samsung’s Notebook 9 Pro has traditionally aspired to premium notebook status, but without the pricing that goes along with it. Samsung’s updated Notebook 9 Pro (2019) is an attractively designed 360-degree 13.3-inch convertible that builds in Intel’s “Whiskey Lake” Core chips.

Unfortunately, we can’t be too confident in Samsung’s pricing ambitions, since the company didn’t make the price available to us at press time. Samsung did say, however, that the company plans to ship the Notebook 9 Pro in early 2019 Lenovo’s ThinkPad.

Aesthetically, the Notebook 9 Pro has improved dramatically from when we last looked at it in 2017. The 2019 model is made of aluminum, with a diamond-cut series of ridges running along the edge. Yes, it makes it slightly easier to raise the cover than a smooth finish, but the lines give it a retro-modern aesthetic it that somewhat reminds me of the polished steel of 1950’s steampunk.

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