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Samsung vs Apple: The only two OEMs to gain profit in Q2 2016

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Samsung vs Apple: How much profit they got last quarter?

Canaccord Genuity, a market researching brand, has just published the results of the business status and assets-income ratio of smartphone brands in the world in Q2 2016. Accordingly, Apple still spots the first position with the highest value share in this industry: 75%! But compared to last year there has been a decrease due to the rise of Samsung. But Apple again is the incomparable one with 38% value share by selling smartphones only!

Along with Apple, Samsung is also the company that gains profit in Q2 2016. The share value of this Korean giant is 17%. At the same time, the profit they earned only from selling smartphones takes 31% of the industry’s profit. T. Michael Walkley, Cannaccord Genuity’s analyst, has claimed that Galaxy S7 and Note 7 will continue to earn huge amount of money for the company in the future. Walkley has also added that Apple customers are “delaying” their purchase because they are looking forward to the next iPhone this year.

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Samsung vs Apple: Top the industry!

As mentioned above, except Samsung vs Apple, all other leading OEMs have encountered great profit loss in selling smartphones. Microsoft and HTC surprisingly have lost 22% of their value share in the smartphone segment. Microsoft seems to be “luckier” as at least they’ve lost “less” than last year: from -53% to -16%! Meanwhile, HTC have lost more: from -16% to -22%. Two other big names: LG vs Lenovo respectively have lost 5% and 10%.

So what about the Chinese brands? Cannaccord have claimed that the lack of big Chinese brands in this result is due to unavailable statistics. It may lead to the un-precise number of global profit but also according to the market researching brand, Chinese smartphone brands mostly “attack” the budget segment, which greatly limits the profit of those brand and doesn’t lead to any big changes in the global profit. However, Cannaccord have expected that if they only consider the Chinese market, Apple may have to stand behind Huawei, Oppo, Xiaomi and VIVO in terms of value share.