Samsung Galaxy S7: Why you need to get one soon

Samsung Galaxy S7: Why you need to get one soon

Samsung Galaxy S7: Why you need to get one soon

Although the mobile arena may have moved their attention slightly to Apple’s newly released 4-inch phone (the iPhone SE), the Galaxy S7 remains one of the most competitive handset currently on the mobile market.

Jessica Dolcourt of CNET said, “This is the phone to beat,” and even gave it an overall score of 9.0. The journalist commends it for its polished design, clear and vibrant camera, longer battery power, larger microSD storage slot and its water-resistant features.

Although its predecessor has been found to be a popular choice amongst Android users, where a report revealed its fans tend to spend at least two hours a day on their device, the Galaxy S7 comes with plenty of upgrades worth mentioning as well.

There are several reasons why Samsung’s latest handset is one the top smartphones on the market today.

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Here’s a post featuring some of the top features of the Galaxy S7:

Wireless charging:
It’s not at all surprising that Samsung has been integrating the latest technologies on their flagship devices, such as wireless charging. The company has been working on making their Galaxy smartphones more powerful and cordless. Apart from its wireless charging, the Galaxy S7 battery has been boosted to allow users to enjoy it for longer without having to charge it. According to a featured post by O2, Samsung made the Galaxy S7’s storage bigger and expandable to 200GB that helps in making the battery more efficient. Full charging now only takes less than 150 minutes, and fast charging only takes 95 minutes, giving users 80% of full battery life.

Cooling system:
Gaming is one of the main reasons why many invest in more powerful and premium mobile devices. But not all smartphones are built with powerful hardware, longer battery life, and even a cooling system to avoid having any internal problems in the long run. The Galaxy S7 offers users a fully immersive gaming experience by automatically switching off the alerts and notifications when playing to avoid draining battery life. Samsung Galaxy It has also included the inbuilt cooling system to prevent overheating. In addition, users are now able to record their gameplay as a video along with their reactions for tutorial purposes to share online or with friends.

Design and durability:
The design is similar to its predecessor,   Samsung Galaxy S7 mini  with improved curved edges that support the Super AMOLED screen with the Corning Gorilla Glass. The handset is also more rugged with it being able to withstand water and dust, as the internal hardware of the handset is said to be covered with a gel-type silicon. Its compact design and premium look make the Galaxy S7 fit for any lifestyle.

In terms of features, it is not too far from the Galaxy S7 Edge, as seen on our previous post.

Apple’s next smartphone dubbed the iPhone 7 is set to be released in September, but it’s not expected to directly compete with the S7 as Samsung is already working on their next flagship which is likely to be called the Galaxy S8. It is rumored to come with a 4,200 mAh battery, 30-megapixel main camera, 6GB RAM, and the possible arrival of iris sensors to replace the fingerprint technology on previous models.

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