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A Quick Information to Hassle-Free and Safe Car Shipping

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Car distribution can be a real pain for brand spanking new shippers, given the fact they are most likely to be unacquainted with the terminology and working model of a car distribution organization. No matter whether it’s a household or worldwide move, the primary goal is to deliver the car securely without having to burn an opening in your pocket. Automatic shippers also need to make sure that they don’t make any of the novice errors that may lead to an agonizing distribution encounter. To help you obtain smooth car distribution, here is a step-by-step secrets and techniques for approach car distribution for a hassle-free encounter.

1. Choose a Car Shipping Company

The starting point to transport your vehicle, whether locally or worldwide is to find an honest and reliable auto distribution organization. You can begin with a simple online look for, posting essential details such as type of car and the expected pick-up and distribution time frames you expect. Compare at least five quotations before completing your auto distribution organization, however, don’t fall instantly for the cheapest prices. Check whether they have been in the car distribution business for quite an extended efforts and ask for customer recommendations. You can also seek sources from friends and associates for efficient car distribution services.

2. Pick a Reliable Shipping Option

When you look for a vehicle transport organization, you are most likely to get the following four options:

Open-Air Shipping

Open air car distribution is the most inexpensive method of car shipping, in which automobiles are transferred on a 75 to 80 feet lengthy truck, with a two stage movie trailer system. As the name indicates, there is no roof and sides on the movie trailer and therefore automobiles are confronted with the exterior components. Outdoor distribution, however, provides better exposure to examine the automobiles in transport and is most appropriate for used automobiles, hatchbacks or lower and mid-range cars.

Enclosed Shipping

Enclosed distribution provides the highest stage of security and protection to automobiles in-transit and is most appropriate for highly valued vehicles, traditional automobiles, or expensive luxury and sports automobiles. Vehicles are secured from exterior weather conditions and road waste in surrounded distribution, which is why it comes at a high price as compared to auto distribution. A motor vehicle transport organization tries their stage best to transport less automobiles in surrounded distribution, so as to make sure there is no potential damage to the car during the transport due to rough streets.

Full- Service

This model of auto delivery may need you to dig deep down your pockets as it assures guaranteed pick and delivery dates with no delays. If shipping is delayed midway due to some reason, you can expect to get a rebate on the shipping costs for every day it’s late. Full-service auto shipping is convenient too, as most auto shipping providers in the segment run on a door-to-door model.


The economy model is your go-to option if you are in no rush to get your vehicle shipped on a particular day. The shipping costs are fairly low and your vehicle will be queued behind the high-paying customers of the auto shipping company and is likely to be shipped when ”extra” space is available. The shipping may get delayed for a few days or even weeks as it is subjected to availability of space. The option is most effective when you plan a relocation months in advance or already have access to a car at the new location.

3. Inspect and Insure

Ask the car shipping company for proof of federal licensing, insurance, and bond requirements. Even though your vehicle is covered by the auto shipper insurance, you need to understand the finer lines to ensure your vehicle is covered for any potential damage. For that to happen, enquire about the type of damage covered under the service provider’s insurance and whether you need additional cover. Before shipping, read the “Bill of Lading” carefully as it documents the existing condition of the vehicle, so that there are no surprises at the time of delivery. Moreover, remove all personal belongings from the car including electronics, CDs, cassettes or other costly items as your car shipping company won’t be accountable for the loss.

4. Check Required Documents

Auto shipping may require furnishing documents at multiple checkpoints during the transit to ensure your vehicle is legitimate. Generally, auto shipping within the US can be done with the following documents:

  • Original Title and Registration
  • Insurance
  • Photo Identification

Shipping a vehicle overseas or outside US requires the following documents:

  • Original Title and Registration
  • Insurance
  • Photo Identification
  • Bill of Sale or Notarized Bill of Sale
  • Sales Tax Proof
  • Import Duty
  • Original Power of Attorney

The Bottom Line

Finding a reliable car shipping company can be a tough for a variety of reasons, especially when you are shipping for the first time. Many people are either unaware about the way auto shipping works or get skeptical about safety of their vehicles during the transit. Auto shipping via road, however, is one of the most preferred and convenient auto shipping modes, whether it’s about saving on costs or ensuring the safety of your vehicles. Reliable auto shipping companies ensure due diligence from the point of loading to dropping the vehicle to the desired destination. If you are looking for a reliable car shipping company, look no further than AutoTransportCity. To learn more about our car shipping services or to request a free shipping quote, click here. You can also call us at +1 (307)220-0841.

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