Relevant Cryptocurrency Certifications to Kickstart Your Career


The education industry is one of the most enthusiastic advocates for the future of distributed ledger technology, and its potential impact on the globe as a whole. The demand for learning blockchain technology is on an all-time high. It is an industry relying on relatively new innovations to completely change the way data is stored, exchanged and managed, at nominal processing costs, making it a huge boon to international finance sector which has seen something of a revolution over the last few years with the emergence of Bitcoin in alternative financial systems, going so far as to be made a legal form of exchange in certain countries, including Germany. Without a doubt, it is growing toward a brighter future. As such, here are the most relevant courses for cryptocurrency on the market today-

  1. Introduction to Digital Currencies– It is a free online course detailing the various facets of cryptocurrency as a MOOC which is 12 sessions long to tackleimportant aspects like Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies. Students undertaking this examination are provided a specified number of credits which is a key part toward getting admission into the first global MSc in Digital Currency degree program. Students who desire a certificate after the completion of the course must pay tuition fees in Bitcoin
  2. Bitcoin, Altcoins, and Blockchain– These exist more as publicly available body of knowledge which individuals can access and learn about rather than an online course. It provides notes and chapters for those interested in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. It is highly recommended material originating from Stanford University and its cutting edge research. It provides lessons on core concepts such as the consensus system, distributed ledger technology, Bitcoin and smart contracts. This course covers blockchain with a wide scope, aimed at overall holistic understanding of the industry.
  3. Central Blockchain Council of America– This is a private institution that provides certifications for blockchain and its various facets for individuals who seek to start a career in blockchain. Aimed to be a professional training program, the CBCA Certification Programs is designed to provide candidates with knowledge and skills that they need in order to navigate blockchain technologies and how it is applied toward company growth.
  4. IBM Blockchain 101– This is a program aimed at developers who wish to utilize blockchain frameworks and infrastructure to create their own enterprises which is likely cryptocurrency or an innovation toward using distributed ledger systems. It is designed to instruct candidates on the workings of blockchain networks and how to begin coding on Hyperledger. The course can be an entirely online experience, with the organization providing all the requirements after the paperwork and tuition fee and registration have been completed.
  5. Beginners Guide to Blockchain Technology– This is for completely new entrants who are looking to make a name for themselves in the industry or are simply seeking education for other reasons. This is a free course and it is available entirely in the form of a four-part program with no registration, and it is publicly available. Made by the Blackstrap Company, the course creates API for developers looking to get into blockchain.


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