Recall Galaxy Note 7 due to battery explosion


Samsung recall Galaxy Note 7: Note 7 bug

Samsung recall Galaxy Note 7: the biggest tech recall!

About three weeks ago, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 started to be sold to the smartphone market and has brought huge success for the company. However, before it could make a hit in India market, Samsung decided to recall Galaxy Note 7 globally. This could be the biggest recall in tech history. The reason comes from the battery catching fire incidents. At present, Samsung is investigating for the exact cause of these cases.

Until now, there are 35 cases of battery bug on Galaxy Note 7. Although the main reason for this problem hasn’t been found, the company stopped all sale as well as replaced all devices already sold. Specifically, Samsung will need to recall and replace batteries in over 2 Million Galaxy Note 7 handsets, along with a change of the production process, before reselling this flagship.

Samsung recall Galaxy Note 7: Note 7 bug

The phone was expected to create big revenue for Samsung in 2016, and help Samsung get over its rival-Apple. Actually, Samsung completed that goal when they create a big revenue through this phone. But now, on the opposite, the recall causes huge loss for Samsung. Moreover, this incident will definitely affect the reputation the company is trying to build.

How to exchange the faulty Galaxy Note 7?

Next week, Samsung will have fixed the battery bug and give users alternative products. Besides, users also have other options: Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge, if they still don’t feel safe with Galaxy Note 7. Samsung will refund the difference in price between the two devices. As Samsung announced, Note 7’s users can return the handset in retail stores or contact directly with Samsung. What do you think about Note 7 recall? Please tell us your opinion!