RDP Thinbook Review

The best products, be it electronics or not, are always expensive and out of the reach of the common middle class man. This trouble is being handled by RDP, which is a Hyderabad based company that makes budget alternatives of expensive gadgets. They had recently launched a new model, RDP Thinbook, which is not exactly a usual laptop but it’s a good choice for beginners and people looking for affordable devices. The cost of the model is INR 10000. It has a RAM of 4 GB and has an intel atom processor and the OS is debian linus and you can easily buy this using Flipkart Sale with great discounts.

This laptop is just perfect for students. For those families who don’t earn much and want their children to stay ahead in every modern stream of life, they can now afford a laptop which costs less than a flagship android. The company, RDP had worked with IIT Bombay team and they have made a special model of this laptop for college students. Imagining a new laptop costing just 10k seems like a dream. Let’s take a good look at the pros and cons of this budget laptop by RDP, Thinbook, to see whether it is a good choice or not.

Design –

The design of the model is impressive. The body of RDP Thinbook is made up of plastic. The main purpose of the laptop is not style but function. The weight of the models is more than one kilograms. This will make sure that the bags of the students stay lighter. It is adequately compact and thin. Thus, it will easily fit college bags and can be easily carried around. Portability makes it a good choice indeed. Being light and slim, it won’t cause much trouble.

The screen of the laptop is 11.6 inch. It’s not very big and technically, till it gets its job done, it’s all fine. You can easily type and you can browse the web. This is what it is meant for. This laptop isn’t meant for photoshop or gaming, it’s just meant to give a taste of how things work.

Performance –

The operating system on which the model runs is the Debian Linux, which is something new to most people reading right now. As the laptop is specially designed for college and school students, they can conveniently practice coding and proper Internet access is there as well Pname Com Facebook Orca.

It is clear that RDP Thinbook is very slow, but other models coming in similar range by Micromax or iBall are slow too. The processor used in it is the intel atom processor, which was designed initially as mobile alternative to computer processor. Thinbook has a RAM of 4 GB, which is an improvement when we see its predecessor.

It is not that you won’t be able to access Internet and browse websites, it’s just that it will be a little slower. This device is suitable for those who haven’t tried any such device and such first time users can get a good taste of how laptops work and they might get encouraged to buy better and powerful devices in future. It is surely a good initiative taken by the company. The families having annual income of less than three lacs now have a good option to choose from. With basic functioning, students can learn how things work and how to perform basic functions on a laptop.

Battery Life –

The company has claimed that RDP Thinbook will work for around ten hours with a single charge, but things will vary as per its usage. If the laptop is being used for watching videos, the battery will drain faster. Thus, it has a good battery life. In terms of battery life, various options available in the market and you can order that using Amazon Upcoming Sale.

Conclusion –

RDP Thinbook is nothing like a mainstream laptop, but it is a low cost one with basic features of a laptop. The budget laptops of the companies like HP, Dell Lenovo etc surely cost a lot more than RDP Thinbook. It is a very affordable one, coming at a market price of ₹10,000. First time users can learn basic functioning and get the idea about how Internet works. Coding can be practiced on the laptop as well. It is especially a good choice for the students who are eager to learn and move ahead in their careers and who can’t actually afford expensive electronic devices.