Protect the Screen of iPhone with High Grade Screen Protector

Do you how much you might end up spending if you accidentally broken the screen of your iPhone? It is nearly equal to buying a new phone and it is such a loss and shame. There are many people who underestimate the power of a good screen protector and later face the brunt of their own carelessness and mistake.

With high cost related to the smartphones from brands like Apple, Samsung etc. it is extremely important to protect it using the right screen protector. It is wise to spend money on a protector rather than paying exorbitant money for repairing the screen. The glass protectors are better than the plastic one as they are more hardened and durable.

1) Need for a tempered glass screen protector


There is a strong reason that glass protectors for the mobile phones are more effective as compared to plastic ones. The iPhone glass screen protector is hardened using heat and hence they are flexible and durable both. Most of the protectors are resistant to impact and shock, making it a wise option. It is also easy to apply comparatively.

The glass protectors come with a snap technology where applying it on the screen evenly becomes easy. It offers high end protection against scratches and looks almost like the actual screen. It adds to the aesthetic value of the phone. Some of the protectors are even resistant to glares and hence using it becomes very convenient in all conditions.

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2) Resist the Mobile screen from shatter

The best part of the screen guards or protectors are being resistant to impacts it prevents scratches and shattering of the glass. Even if the phone falls flat on face, the hardened glass protects the actual screen. It not only protects the device from normal wear and tear but makes it easier to use through the touchscreen.

The tempered glass screen is slightly more expensive as compared to the cheaper plastic ones, but it is more strong and effective. Some of the screen protectors designed for expensive phones are resistant to even fingerprints. They are anti-fingerprint as the coating is lipophilic ones which helps in repelling off the oil and does not make the appearance messy.

3) Purchasing Screen Protector Online

There are many online stores to purchase glass iPhone 5s screen protector at cheaper price that will work and function for longer time. Do read about the quality before finalizing the purchase of the product. It is important that the product comes with a warranty. There are some easy to install protectors that are equipped with lifetime warranty.

When you purchase online, there are a wide range of screen protectors you get access to. There are great deals and discounts available along with versatile pattern and quality. The online stores send you the protectors and deliver it you at your doorstep. Whether you make a bulk purchase or a single protector, it is safely delivered to your address.

4) Glass Protectors are Durable with 9H hardness

It is one of the best ways to identify and recognize how tough and strong the glass screen protector is. There are certain features to look for before making the purchase like 9H hardness, oleophobic coating, high grade protection etc. With all these features, the screen protectors become tougher and extremely durable resisting any damage.

9H hardness is a tough and strong screen which cannot be scratched even with a 9H pencil making it super tough and strong. This is one of the specifications to look for as it makes the screen tough and resistant to fingerprints, scratches and sudden impact. The tempered glass protectors are good as they find self in 9H hardness category.

5) Buying the right screen protector

If you check online, the protectors are customised with their specification and are very specific depending on the model of the phone. It is necessary to buy a screen guard or protector which is precisely designed for a particular phone series. It must fit the phone properly and should be installed with easy and convenient snap process for long term use.

The quality of screen plays the most important role. The iPhone 5 glass screen protector or for other phones, even are even and do not easily come out. They do not leave bubbles behind it like the plastic ones do. It adds aesthetics, impact anti-bacterial properties, prevent protection against UV rays and helps in reducing the glare for comfortable usage.

There are many options available online and offline both, but choosing carefully considering specifications and material quality is important. It not only protects the screen from shock, impact and damage but also improves the overall aesthetics. It is wise to protect the screen from damaging and shattering with glass protector rather than spending a fortune one repairing the damage.