Practical methods for Making WordPress Blogs Popular through Instagram

Creating a blog is essential for many people and business. They want to share their knowledge and showcase talent through blogging and other social media platforms. Many people try to communicate with the world and share different kinds of thoughts. Apart from these things, blogs are useful for business marketing. Regular blog posting with business promotional contents is a common thing. Many companies use this simple yet effective tactic for effective business marketing. For seamless business promotional activities, consider blogging platform accurately. For constructing a transparent blogging platform, most of the people opt for choosing WordPress.

It is easy to develop a website with WordPress and developers have to undergo minimal hassles for accomplishing that. Another important thing is that the blogging platform should be seamless. It must be feature rich. To add features, WordPress developers do not have to try a lot. They can use the widgets or plug-ins for development of blogging web framework. Now developing a blog is one thing and promoting it is a separate thing. For blog promotional activities, you can apply different kinds of strategies or methods. Here is a complete guide for promoting the WordPress blog through Instagram.

  1. Add Social Media Widget

To improve your WordPress blog through Instagram and other social media platforms, you need to add social media widgets or buttons on your blogging website. WordPress users would not find it difficult at all. They can use plug-ins that comes for free to apply for the users. Many plug-ins are there, and you can use any of them to add social media buttons to your website. Make sure that the widget that you install should come with an Instagram button. Separate applications or widgets are there to add Instagram feeds and other important things related to social media to your blogging website.

Most of these widgets are free with WordPress, and that is the reason why people take help of WordPress for building their websites. Using WordPress is a simple thing, and it is cost-effective too. Small business owners or individual bloggers do not have to make high expenses on WordPress based blogging platform. They can make their website seamless with little efforts and minimal investment. Most of the widgets and themes are free to use. Even if you use paid themes or widgets, they will not give you hard pocket pinch. So, check out the Instagram related widgets and install them on your WordPress blogging platform.

  1. Publish Photos or Interesting Multimedia Contents

On your Instagram account, you need to share exciting multimedia contents, like pictures, videos, etc. Sharing all these things will help your business to gain better exposure among the social media users. Instagram is such a web platform for social networking where people like to share innovative or creative multimedia contents. People want to share photos, videos and many more. That is why it is quite popular among the younger generation of people who like to share interesting stuff with their social networking friends.

As a blogger, you have to understand the proper use of a social networking platform like Instagram. There is no reason to post text contents on the Instagram profile, and those contents can already be shared on your blogging website. You have to create contents carefully for Instagram. For example, if you are a food blogger, you can write experience on foods from different places on your blogging website. On your Instagram page, you can post some of the photos of meals which you have clicked. Exciting photographs on Instagram will surely bring the much-required business exposure.

  1. Create Video Contents or Share Live Videos

The best way of connecting people or engaging the fans on Instagram is to create various video contents. You can choose to create different sorts of video contents. For example, you are a technology-related blogger. You review the latest gadgets or mobile phones or other electronics items. You can share text contents on your blogs. For the Instagram profile, you can create videos. In the videos, you can show a little demo of using specific electronics items or gadgets. These things will fetch you more social media fans.

Along with crafting planned videos, you can also opt for using live videos for promotional activities through Instagram. Creating live videos and mingling with followers through that will fetch positive website marketing results for you.  It will eventually help your blogging website to grow with more number of visitors on a daily basis. To learn more about this matter, you should visit At this website, you shall get all the necessary information with precision.

  1. Focus on Getting Followers

Instagram users must focus on getting more and more followers for both their personal and business accounts. Getting more followers means gaining more exposure as well as the success rate. If you manage to get more followers, you will be able to direct visitors to your blog from your Instagram account. You can encourage the Instagram followers to follow your blog posts on a regular basis. You can talk about your blogging platform, and you can also share contents related to your blogging website as well as blog contents. Endless possibilities are there with Instagram marketing, but the most important thing is to get more and more followers. As long as you get the followers, you shall be able to score better business marketing results.

  1. Encourage Blog Visitors to Follow You on Instagram

It is essential to keep all your blog visitors on the social network so that you can stay in touch or connection with people across platforms. You should encourage your blog readers to follow you on various social media websites or networking platforms. You should ask them to follow your Instagram contents. In this way, visitors will never lose any updates on your blogging website, as the updates will be shared on the social media account.

Many such meticulous strategies can clinch useful business marketing results with Instagram. Apply all these strategies to fetch the best business marketing results with perfection.