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Parent’s Guide to 10 Dangerous Apps that are Misused by Predators or Cyber Bullying Kids

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10 Dangerous Apps

In this fast-paced world, it’s hard to keep track of how your children use the internet. With the advent of countless number of social media apps, children around the world are reporting a rising number of cyber bullying activities as well as a host of different problems. Many children who are too young to understand how to use these applications end up misusing these platforms and cause serious harm both to themselves and to the people around them.

Below is a list of 10 “dangerous” apps that parents should be aware of. I have provided some additional description to help guide parents in monitoring their children on social media:

Snap chat:

Intended use: Enables individuals to take a picture or video and make it accessible to their friends just for a specific amount of time, after which point the media files naturally vanish for eternity.

How it is misused: This App influences children to feel considerably happier with “sexting” others.


Intended use: SnapHack will permit the photograph or video sent by means of Snapchat to be saved onto the beneficiary’s camera roll where it can be seen, altered and sent to others.

How it is misused: Apparently “private” photographs and recordings got through Snapchat can be utilized to spook, hassle, and additionally harass the sender.


Intended use: Permits the beneficiary of an unknown content to judge what is being said under the watchful eye of the judge who said it. Enables kids to send and get “instant messages” even without having cell benefit.

How it is misused: It is a speculating session of who is messaging who, however could hurt children by accepting anonymous messages without knowing who is writing these messages.


Intended use: Omegle is a free online video application that haphazardly “sets” clients in one-on-one unknown “You” and “More unusual” visit sessions without registering.

How it is misused: This administration is loaded with grown-ups hunting down sexual talk. Some like to do as such live; others offer kids connects to porn sites; and since the talks are mysterious, they’re frequently significantly more express.

Kik messenger:

Intended use: A free option messaging administration without utilizing telephone numbers required, just usernames. Permits writings/pictures to be sent without being signed in the telephone history.

How it is misused: It’s a simple instrument for “sexting” with more a vibe of being eye to eye. This convenient App enables kids to send private messages that their folks can’t see. Difficult to check the character of somebody on kik. Represents the danger of sexual stalkers visiting with youngsters to request photographs and cyber bullying.

Kik’s website boasts of having 240 million registered users and of being used by 40 percent of teenagers in the United States.

Yik Yak:

Intended use: To be a bona fide route for grown-ups to associate with their groups and discover their crowds. To encourage groups and to push the limits on being social.

How it is misused: It can transform a school into a “virtual talk room” where everybody can post his or her remarks, secretly, taking “cyber bullying” to an unheard level.


Intended use: A prevalent photograph and 15 second video sharing application that is effortlessly imparted to other “devotees” who can “like” the photograph or video.

How it is misused: Teens can post humiliating photographs of others with a subtitle or to make barbarous or mortifying remarks about a photograph posted by another person.


Intended use: Ifunny App gives users a chance to make posts utilizing kid’s shows, photographs with entertaining inscriptions to post or send to others. Once a funny cartoon is made, it can be transferred to other interpersonal organizations or saved to phones or PCs.

How it is misused: This App may uncover our more youthful kids to comedy that they may not be prepared for. Rather than interesting subtitles, students can utilize mean inscriptions that can be utilized to spook other students.


Intended use: Whisper additionally enables clients to set up mysterious records (or irregular names created by the application) to influence their messages or admissions to cover onto a picture. Considers innovative articulation while communicating feelings that clients might be keeping inside.

How it is misused: Is utilized by sexual stalkers to search out defenseless adolescents. The App likewise demonstrates the user’s area.


Intended use: This application associates grown-ups to others close-by who might be interested in them. It’s another path for grown-ups to associate. Pictures/profiles appear of those close-by who are keen on meeting somebody, utilizing a guide to pinpoint the area of the client. If both swipe right then the application enables them to message each other!

How it is misused: Effectively utilized by sexual stalkers to look for and discover users nearby. Tinder, Bang with Friends, Down and Meet Me all are grown-up get together applications that could be risky for youngsters.

Intended use: is a long range informal communication application that enables clients to post inquiries from known or unknown clients who at that point post “replies.”

How it is misused: It is a parent free computerized space where children can go to mess about and get away from the implicit responsibility of Face book.