However, in spite of now possessing more than 200 million active users Twitter is lingering a long way behind Facebook and its user base of 1 billion-plus. Those who haven’t yet submitted to the draw of Twitter marketing appear doubtfully to ever do so, and they’re excluding on a thrilling and invigorating experience. Which is a crying shame? What follows are certain reasons why you should be using Twitter, these portraying the number of years Twitter has been around for.

Fascinating People: We all need to encircle ourselves with fascinating people, don’t we? Unluckily not all of us get the opportunity to do that in the actual world. You’re bind to your family by blood, and while other people are your friends for a cause that doesn’t mean they’ll have anything specifically captivating to say. Twitter is meant not for friends and family but for people you generally want to talk with. You can follow anyone and anyone can follow you. There’s none of the reciprocal acceding to be friends needed by Facebook, so if you decide to follow 500 complete strangers then that’s your liberty. If none follow you back then it doesn’t matter a tiniest bit.

Announcement Twitter has showed its value in current years as a stand for announcement. The clarity of the site means that the first think many people at the scene of a growing news story do is to tweet about it. A few retweets later and the news has scattered. This has led to twitter beating conventional news market to a story on many occasions. Twitter as a reference for breaking news.

Follow Trends: As well as breaking news Twitter is a good source for following online trends. If a YouTube video is flourishing then it will be getting shared on Twitter. If a new trend is scattering like flame then it will appear on Twitter. If a personality has done something notable but has managed to keep away from the news leaking to the common press it will possibly appear on Twitter. Hashtags also shape into this, and most of the Trends listed on Twitter use this easy method of allocating a specific subject to a tweet.

Company contact: Companies love Twitter. Your most loved brand is really possible to have an existence on the site, whatever product they sell or service they give. Twitter is a superb tool for brands to raise themselves and their products, but they are unable to push their produce onto consumers without consumers pushing back. Twitter portrays one of the fastest and simplest ways to contact a company to get immediate customer service. The answer you receive may not be as tuned up as you would get by speaking to a person on the phone, but at least you won’t be kept on hold for hours before you get that notice.

You can start a Twitter account about anything, as long as you obey the rules put down by the company.