Lumia 520 running on Android 7.1 Nougat


Nokia Lumia 520: smoothly runs on Android 7.1

On the off chance that you don’t recall that, we’d get a kick out of the chance to advise you that the Lumia arrangement from Microsoft was dispensed with everlastingly in the no so distant past. Presently this arrangement surfaces again on the Internet with Nokia Lumia 520. This is an exceptionally old telephone since it was propelled in 2013 and overlooked when it’s not in the rundown of Windows 10 upgraded cell phones. Presently, this telephone is back and mixed up the cell phone group. All in all, what’s new about this telephone? How about we observe!

As all of you realize that Nokia Lumia 520 keeps running on Windows Phone OS, Windows 8.1 to be more particular. In any case, now, this Nokia telephone will have another “material”. It can keep running on Android 7.1 Nougat OS. As of late, there is another Youtube video indicating Lumia 520 keeps running on Android 7.1 OS. This is a gigantic shock, right?! The old Windows telephone keeps running on the most recent Android OS. Also, what make us more shocked is that the telephone runs easily on this OS.

In the video, the software engineer demonstrates to us how easily the gadget keeps running on Android OS. You can see the multi-window capacity and 2 applications are running in the meantime, one next to the other on the little screen. Talking about Nokia Lumia 520, this is a shoddy Windows Phone of Nokia – Microsoft. Nokia Lumia 520 specs are not amazing with a 4-inch screen with 512MB RAM.

Nokia Lumia 520: a new future for Windows

This Android Nougat OS on Windows telephone is just in beta. The official ROM will be done soon. This could be the new future for Windows Phones. Simply picture, a few Windows Phones leads like Lumia 950 or the unbelievable Nokia 1020 keep running on Android Nougat OS. This could change the diversion where Android is commanding the market. Along these lines, simply sit back and watch if this could work out as expected!