New iPhones get lukewarm reception in China

Contrary to previous years, after the launch of a new iPhone in China, both users and sculers have got closer, iPhone SMS and iPhone XS Max Olympus have automatically answered the answer. For its more expensive model, the iPhone XS Max 512 Edition.

For the IPS XS Max 512G model, Friday’s students were ready to pay only 2,000 yuan, and they had to re-sell for higher prices, while other iPhone versions have their official value The tags can be purchased below because the goods are too high. The Chinese Chinese media after discussing with the skylers said that Beijing was waiting outside the Apple Store in Beijing.

Although some consumers were still queuing out of the Apple Store on Friday to pick up their new iphone, the situation could be compared to last year when the new iPhone hit X-X shells and according to scholars, many users More motivated.

The larger version of Apple XS Max’s 512G iPhone XS Max supports dual conventional SIM card in Apple’s China Proposal, Apple’s official website is worth $ 12,799 yuan ($ 1,867), sold in the US It is about 30% higher compared to that disclosure.

On Apple official’s official Chinese website, people with orders for new iphone can usually be found within two weeks. It compares the first iPhone 6, iPhone 7, and iPhone X debits in the country when the supply was so tight that many consumers would pay a lot of money for the sale of the iPhone through a scanner.

According to another Sena News report, unlike cold shoulders received by the new iphone, the latest Apple Watch stolen this thief. Regarding new smartphones that new customers interested in new iPhones.

According to the report, official channels’ orders have also proved popularity as people have to wait online for three to four weeks for the Apple Watch Series 4 shipment, they have to wait for the new iphone. Is.