Microsoft releases Indic Phonetic keyboards for 10 languages


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Microsoft has announced the availability of new audio boards to members of Windows Under Program in Indian languages. The new feature is available in 10 Indian languages ​​including Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Marathi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Oriya, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam. New indoor soundboards are already available in addition to the Indo-Traditional INSCRIPT boards available with Windows.

The new keyboards Windows Under preview form has been added to 18272. Users who participate in the program can quickly share their opinion by using them. The keyboard can be later added to Windows 10, then users of Indian language will not have to download and install any external input methods editors (IMEs) in a sound way Index of index is included.

Words are typed using current keyboard, indicator fonts keyboard provide prohibited indic text options to translate those words to translate them. For example, if we write “names” using audio keyboard, it will automatically present Hindi / author / automatic translation in Hindi / Punjabi / Gujarati.

Microsoft has been constantly working to provide local language computing in more than two decades of Indian languages ​​from the beginning of Project Bhasha in 1998, allowing consumers to use the Indian language input tool easily and quickly in local languages. Gives. Microsoft is also the advanced AA and deep network networks, to improve real-time language translation for Hindi, Bengali, Tamil and now translate real-time language translations for oil. Microsoft recently announced support for e-mail addresses in many Indian languages ​​across our email apps and services. Also, as part of the latest Windows Update, Microsoft added Windows to the Tamil 99 Virtual Keyboard. Through its global local oral program (LLP), Microsoft provides access to the technology in its native language technology. It includes language interface packages for other languages ​​such as Hindi, Kannada, Bengali, Malayalam.

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