Metro recharge online

Metro recharge Enabled Online for Scores of Metro Users in India

With metro recharge online you can now easily and safely travel within your city within no time and in the comfort of air-conditioned coaches.

Since not all places within the city are directly connected via metro routes – you might have to change couple of times or even use other modes of transportation like bus and electric rickshaws to reach a particular location, questions that automatically arises are – Why is the metro preferred by millions of people and why the hassle of metro recharge?How is it that the metro is different from other public transport system?

There are enough reasons to get your metro smart card today and have the metro recharge done online from time to time to take advantage of this modern yet affordable public transport system, comfort being one of the many reasons.

  1. You travel fast. Firstly because the train is not using the conventional method of travel that is the city roads and thereby avoiding all unnecessary traffic jam and peak hour rush, roads blocks due to maintenance as well as long wait at traffic signals. Secondly, the train itself travels at an average operational speed of 35 km/hr in Delhi and 60 km/hr for the Mumbai metro making sure that the time required to travel between the farthest of stations is way less than while travelling using the conventional public transportation like bus or auto-rickshaws.
  2. Comfortable travel. Major parts of India have unbearable extreme temperature during different seasons. Summer months are unbearably hot and humid in the plains; rainy season is featured with incessant downpour in the coastal regions and extreme chilly conditions in the northern part of the country. In such weather conditions, travelling by an auto-rickshaw or bus – the commonly used public transportation is inconvenient and uncomfortable. Though Delhi/NCR now has its share of air-conditioned buses which run on compressed natural gas, comparatively the metro coaches are much cleaner, modernized, and spacious for people to sit and stand and have powerful air-conditioning system that run on electricity.
  3. For all the expensive technology and investment that have gone into building the metro network within cities across the country the fares are quite reasonable and moderate making it the first choice for the common man to travel today in these cities.
  4. With the introduction of the women-only coach, metro travel has become safer and calming for scores of women who travel the length and breadth of the city for their earnings every day.

Works related to building new roads, flyovers and maintenance never seems to get over in India, especially in the bigger cities. The public works departments endlessly go on building and repairing with no relief to the common man. Under such circumstances the metro is like a breath of fresh air for all such people who need to traverse miles daily to earn a living for themselves and their families. With metro recharge now enabled online, metro has really become a common man’s friend indeed.