Merits And Demerits Of Call Forwarding

Merits And Demerits Of Call Forwarding

Communication is the mode through which we can understand each other or connect with anyone sitting in any part of the world. Through interaction, we are able to express our thoughts, ideas, and views to the other person. The world is getting globalized with the help of various modes of communication. A technique has been introduced in the market that helps in forwarding your mobile calls to another phone or number given by you.  A user can even set up this feature and this will automatically divert the calls to another number or to your landline.

 The name for how to forward calls is “Immediate Call Forwarding”. If the user is busy in another call, the caller’s call can be diverted to the virtual number given by the user and he can get connected and talk to him or her. It is a feature that helps in directing the calls to another location or destination that can be to a voicemail, landline etc.  there is another technique called as” Intelligent Call Forwarding”, that works off the premises. When a call is missed this feature helps in redirecting the calls and you can receive it on the number provided by you.  This feature gives accurate information to a user and makes him or her aware about which an important call is and which is suppose to be dropped in voice

Instructions for using this technique:

  • Go to the Setting Application on your mobile and open it.
  • Select the phone.
  • Now select the option of Call Forwarding.
  • After this, turn on the feature.
  • Enter the number where you wish to receive the call.


  • The first and foremost advantage of this technique is it is convenient to use. It will help you in monitoring the calls.
  • It is very inexpensive mode of communication.
  • Calls can be diverted to any place or any location.
  • Can easily connect with the virtual number provided by the user.


  • There are very few demerits of this technique, out of which one is the problem of interruption. If your phone keeps ringing all the time, it can interrupt you in many ways and may get irritated.
  • This feature is only needed for a particular period of time, sometimes we might forget to turn this service off. If you forget your cell phone at home while you come back and check it there will be number of calls you missed, this can create hassle.

It is a feature that permits you to forward the calls made for o0ne number to the other number as given by the user. Most of the time the caller may not know about this feature so his calls get stored in the voicemail of the receiver. This feature can be convenient as when the receiver will check his or her voicemail he/ she can get your message and reply back to you. This will make the communication process effective. This is a brilliant alternative to receive the missed calls either on the landline or voicemails. This feature helps you to remain updated with the calls you might miss.