LG V20 and 5 reasons we should buy this 4GB RAM flagship

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LG V20

The first reason is the cameras. If you are a photography lover, this phone definitely won’t let you down. For photography, the company added a dual camera including a 16MP cam and an 8MP wide-angle shooter. This dual cam can give you a slow-motion video, panorama pictures, and a time-lapse. If you love using vintage filters, you can satisfy with 8 different vintage filters. You can use these filters while recording videos. There are also many modes like Popout or Snap.

The second reason is the manual controls for audio and video record. This Korean company equipped the manual control feature for photos and videos. With these manual controls, you will easily and conveniently shoot photos and record videos. The manual controls are displayed on the primary interface of the camera app. The third reason is Hi-Fi audio. V20 comes with 32 bit Quad DAC. This means that if you use this device to record, the sound will be much clearer, purer, and better. With this phone, you don’t’ have to worry about the loud and noisy concert anymore.

LG V20

Fourthly, LG V20 comes with Android Nougat. It is the first smartphone to run on this newest Android version. And it is not the Nexus phone. With Nougat OS, this LG latest flagship will be more convenient for multitasking, smarter for battery consuming, faster for messaging, etc. Fifthly, LG V20 is a removable battery phone: a removable 3200mAh battery for a thin body. With this type of battery, it will be convenient for you when your phone gets wet/hot, or the battery is worn out.

LG V20: worth your money

Those are 5 reasons why you should buy the newest flagship from LG- V20. This device will give you many cool experiences, from the cameras, the sound to the user interface. It is a total package. So, is it worth your money? Yes, it totally is. If you have an intention of buying a new flagship, this new LG handset could be on top of your list.

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