Lenovo’s latest laptop is lighter than the MacBook Air

  • Lenovo‘s latest X1 Carbon laptop announced during CES 2019 is lighter than the MacBook Air, Apple’s lightest and most portable laptop.
  • The new X1 Carbon also has a number of useful ports, including regular USB ports, USB-C ports, and HDMI.
  • It’s one of the best alternatives to Apple’s MacBook Air, but it’s also estimated to cost around $1,700 (R23 490), which could be a dealbreaker for some.

Lenovo unveiled its latest X1 Carbon laptop model at CES 2019, and it’s absurdly light.

The new 7th-generation X1 Carbon weighs in at 1kg, which is 158g lighter than the 2018 MacBook Air’s 2.75 pounds. On paper, the weight difference isn’t especially exciting, but that’s because you haven’t held this thing in your hands yet. It’s almost the weight of three large eggs, which is pretty significant LearnTechNews.

Lenovo’s latest X1 Carbon laptop is also thinner at its thickest point (1.5cm) compared to the MacBook Air’s (1.55cm) thickness. To be fair, the MacBook Air does taper down to 41cm at its thinnest point, whereas the X1 Carbon has a more consistent thickness.

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