Learning English with technology


These days, technologies have developed in many elements of our life. It brings a lot of advantages for us if we can use it conveniently. We use computer know-how in politics, business, or even in education and learning. That is why know-how is essential in many factors, including learning language.

Language students should use technological innovation if they want to master a language quickly. They have to take benefits from technological innovation. Technology is part of the new modern way of studying languages. Therefore, several types of technological innovation will help them study language quicker.3828912964

Firstly, know-how of the internet is one of the best instruments to help language students perfect the language. We can discover anything we need through the internet. For example, if we have difficulties discovering resources we need, we can browse the internet.

Another great example, my brother, who is a secondary school student, now is able to access English guides through the internet, with costs cheaper than guides bought from the store. While we are using the internet, we are also able to find many types of study material that can help with studying sentence structure online, video communicating for having conversation with people from other countries, or even reading international magazines or magazines online. Also it is possible to find an English class by Skype, which will allow you to use technology like Skype to have real time conversation with real native English teachers.

Next, similar to knowledge of the internet, a mobile cellphone is also a technological innovation which enables language students to perfect their language. These days, we can do some online activities by using mobile phones. For example, if our mobile cell phone has a feature like GPRS, we will be connected to the internet. Also, if a mobile cellphone has a feature with JAVA program, we can do more. For example, my mobile cellphone, Htc 5200, and is available with a JAVA program. I can use the applications for communicating, sending an e-mail, or even listening international receivers.

These days, there are many types of programs which are being used in education and learning field. For example, LONGMAN Dictionary is language program that allows the users to get the meaning of certain terms. It can even articulate the terms that we type or write in the program. Online games are an enjoyable way that allows us to learn language. For example, Bookworm Adventures Luxurious is a puzzle game that allows us to discover many different types of terms by using the confused letters that have been provided for us on the box. Its function is actually to improve our language knowledge quicker. To summarize, technologies are truly an aspect of learning language. Several types of technologies above are an example of how essential technologies are for learning language.


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