Galaxy Note 7 exploded

Galaxy Note 7 exploded: is it really Apple’s fault

Galaxy Note 7 is one of the best products of Samsung. It is also one of the greatest devices in the technology world. With a beautiful dual curved display and powerful specs, Note 7 is a desirable handset of many people. However, this stunning phablet has an issue. This issue causes Note 7 explode when being charged. Note 7 explosions now become common and they’re dangerous. Those explosions caused a child a third-degree burn, destroyed a car and a house.

These Note 7 explosions make Samsung recall all the phablet which are available in the market. The recall has cost the company a huge amount of money. This is the first time that a Samsung device exploded. So, what is the reason? It is said that it is Apple’s fault that Galaxy Note 7 exploded. How so? According to a famous website- Bloomberg, Samsung heard that Apple will launch iPhone this year in the identified time. They also heard that iPhone this year would not be great as expected. So, Samsung rushed to launch Note 7.

Galaxy Note 7 exploded

They pushed everyone in the process to meet the deadlines, from suppliers to workers. They wanted their product to be annouced before iPhone 7 (Plus). They made thier product to be special by adding many cool features: iris scanner, fast charging battery, dual curved edge, etc. All those impressive features and specs are added in Note 7 in the short time. What will be will be! Galaxy Note 7 has a problem, and this problem cost Samsung not only money but aso the reputation.

Galaxy Note 7: you reap what you sow

So, is it Apple’s fault that the flagship Galaxy Note 7 exploded? The answer is no. It is Samsung’s fault to be too hurried to push this phablet to the market. Now, Samsung allows to switch your exploded potental Note 7 to the safer model. They will also refund your money if you don’t want to have a new one. Hopefully, Samsung can get back their reputation, as well as their money, with Galaxy S8.