Is HP A Good Brand To Invest In? Let’s Find Out

Over the years HP has been busy in building its reputation with the manufacturer of quality centric laptops for users for all age group. Powered by Windows 10 and the best Ultrabooks their laptops offer simply the most best and affordable of design and performance.

HP is a renowned brand name and one of the reasons their laptops are highly preferred over generations is also because of their build quality. This makes them a more dependable brand than its counterparts, to say the least. Hands down, the HP laptops offers a great number of features for its users along with unmatched performance. These laptops are suitable for long lasting, heavy usage.

Here’s a low down of some of the best HP laptops –

HP Spectre x360

This is a stunning which is a 2-in-1 Ultrabook with style and tons of performance. It features a redesigned chassis, robust components and a stylus. On opening it you are welcomed with a rather large touchpad which has a smooth touch and an easy click. The brand has shrinked the bezels on the laptop which offers a privacy feature on

HP was able to shrink the bezels on this year’s model of the Spectre x360, along with a privacy feature. This prevents people passing by or seated near you to peep into your screen.

Moreover, the resurgence of their laptops has introduced the ‘privacy filter’ called the Sure View to prominence. While, it boasts of beautifying the exterior of the devices with gold trim as seen in the high end Spectre 2-in-1s and their Ultrabooks.

The Verdict: The overall performance of the machine is strong and the inclusion of a HP Pen saves the buyer a bit of money. With enough battery life to last through the day it is a good laptop to invest in.

HP Spectre 13

This laptop is proof for Ultrabook domination coming in at just 0.41-inches thin to achieves high level of portability. Flaunting a Dark Ash Silver, device comes with an Intel Core i5-8250U instead of an i7. Its exceptional design is hard to criticize which is 12.03-inches wide and 8.83-inches and 9.03-inch deep which are graced before.

Its beautiful gold trim bedecks the two-prong hinge and edges of the laptop have become a signature element of every product in the HP family. Similar, to its previous models there is much to admire this time around with hinges as the laptop has much to

The Verdict: The HP Spectre 13 is pitted agsinst the likes of Dell XPS 13, and Apple’s Macbook Pro. Despit the fact that it is more costly than the XPS 13, it is more affordable than Apple’s offering and yet, delivers a lot of goods which both these laptops miss out.


HP Omen X

If you are a harcore gamer and are looking for a laptop that will run anything which is thrown at it with breeze, then the HP Omen X is the one you should be looking at. Also, it has a lot of features which most other gaming laptops do not provide. One of the biggest examples being its ability to overclock. This means that you will get top-notch performance for hours without breaking into a sweat even once.

Some of the prominent specifications of this laptop include 7th generation Intel Core i7, Nvidia GTX 1070-1080 graphics card, RAM capacity ranging between 12 GB to 32GB, storage is rated at 1TB, while the 17.3-inches screen has either a 1920X1080p Full HD or 3840X2160p ultra HD display.

Verdict: The HP Omen X has all the bells and whistles of an ultimate gaming laptop and truly deserves the premium it commands. It has all the top-notch specifications and is highly rugged adn crafted to look exactly like the dream laptop of any gamer. On the flipside, however, its battery life isn’t that great. Even though it is not a lot, but it can be downer for many.

Thus, the Hewlett Packard brand delivers laptops which caters to the needs and requirements of every possible user and budget. The best part about them is that they have a wide distribution and service network. This makes it not only convenient to buy their laptops but also get them serviced as and when needed. These have been the primary reasons because of which they have been sought by generations of users all across the globe and still continue to be so.

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